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All right, you have caught me. I am begging and pleading with the weather that is will stay here. It was about 60 degrees last weekend, so I lived it up as if it was the summer! This outfit was my way of asking the weather Gods to be nice and take away winter once and for all.
This shirt, from Lifestyle Clothiers, seems to be everything I want this upcoming summer to be about. Yes, we are talking summer, because any other teacher out there knows that is exactly what is on your mind! The blouse is bold, it conveys taking risks and moving forward. The free flow of the shirt shows freedom and being relaxed with whatever happens. I am ready for this summer, the first one in 5 years (or more!) where I won't be working! My new joke is that this will be the first time I will actually get tan in the summer since I was a non-working teenager.
Another thing that has me on the edge of my seat for the weather changes? Getting to wear beautiful sunglasses! The light has been staying longer and I actually get to wear some sunnies on my drive home from work. Ditto, an online store were you can RENT sunglasses (as well as buy), has gorgeous Karen Walkers, among others, that I can't stop wearing! These Super Duper Thistle sunnies go with me everywhere. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee (like Netflix) and then you get to keep, return, or exchange sunglasses as much as you want.

Lucky you, you can also get a month FREE if you use the code LAURYNCAKES when you sign up!
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Karen Walker 'Super Duper Thistle' c/o Ditto (use code LAURYNCAKES for 1 month free)
White Cut-out Sandals (on sale for $11)

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  1. Fun Spring look! Love your top and necklace!

    xx, Elise

    1. Elise, you are the cutest! Thanks!

    2. Elise, that was me, not Spencer:) I was logged into my husband's account!

  2. Love those pants with the fun printed top!


  3. Cute look! I am all in favor of warm weather coming and staying!!

  4. Those shoes and the necklace are super cute!

  5. I just love this outfit. It is so cute and it looks so comfy. The shoes are great. Thank you so much for sharing


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