Black and White FT. Maggy London

maggy london review, utah fashion blog, sheath dress
maggy london dresses, utah fashion blog, sheath dress
If you're anything like me, it's all about finding a dress that accentuates the natural curves, and hides all the rest! Well, have I found a dress for you-- this black and white sheath dress from Maggy London has the perfect pattern to give you a killer waist line. Think I am kidding? It is a tried and true way that designers have copied for years to help women look better in their dresses. I also love that the dress hangs smoothly on my hips rather than digging into the wrong areas (that I want to be unnoticable). If you remember, I felt the same way about my other Maggy London dress as well!
Now, I have had a TON of questions about these sunglasses-- they are Karen Walker and, as it turns out, I don't own them! These cute sunnies are actually being rented from DITTO. It's kind of like  but with designer sunglasses! You pay a monthly fee and hang on to the sunglasses for as long as you are paying monthly. If you want to trade in for another pair, you do that! They pay for the shipping both ways and you get to keep holding onto your sunglasses until the new pair arrives. It's a wonderful concept. If you want to try out DITTO, use the code LAURYNCAKES to receive a month free of renting on me! You won't be sorry, unless you skip out on the code;)
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Lauren Conrad Platform Heels (last season, similar linked)
Karen Walker Sunglasses c/o DITTO (use the code LAURYNCAKES to get one month free renting of a pair of designer sunglasses from

Stay tuned tomorrow for a $500 Nordstrom Giveaway!



  1. Oh hey girl hey!!!!!! You rock this dress and I love the shoes that you paired with this dress!! xo


  2. Obsessed with the shoes!! You look great girl!

  3. LOVE those shoes! And the rest of the outfit also! (:

  4. i love maggy london! that dress looks amazing on ya!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. Loving that outfit. Black and white is fabulous and also love those sunnies!

  6. I love this dress. It is so flattering. Thank you so much for sharing

  7. Love this classic black dress with the white panels! So pretty!

  8. What a lovely outfit. I love wrap-a-round dresses. Thanks for sharing!

  9. these are some amazing clothes! thank you for sharing!

  10. That dress looks great on you and I love the black and white. And who doesn't want to look the best they can in their clothing, no one that I know of.

  11. I really like that outfit. The black and white dress, and love the shoes.


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