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light blue maxi dress
brown birkenstocks
velvet kimono
fringe kimono
I have a student I see twice in a school day-- once in his core English class that I co-teach and then once in my reading class. Today he went to English, and then skipped my class (which was after an assembly). At the end of the day, he came to my room with the saddest look on his face. When I asked what happened, he told me he had chosen to spend 3rd with his friends and that he felt really bad. He went on to say he made the wrong decision and it won't happen again, what could he do to make up for it?
This is one of the reasons I love being a teacher and interacting with teenagers everyday: you get to see them grow! I told him I admire his honesty and that sometimes we learn things the hard way, but he did the right thing by coming to talk to me. Maybe he didn't get the lesson from my reading class today, but I am so happy and proud of the young man that came to me and gave me hope for the growing generation.

This student wasn't the only thing making me proud today, though! I learned that I was featured in an article on Suave Grooming's blog! They sent me an email a couple of weeks ago asking about men's facial hair, and I was happy to give my opinion (as always, #overopinionated). I think the others' quotes on the blog post have great insights for trending beards!

Now, in case you haven't noticed, I am in full 1970's mode! The velvet, the Birkenstocks, the long ethereal dresses and shirts; I just can't get enough of the style. Pink Blush helped me out with this addiction by having this delicate crocheted blue dress in stock. I already planning on wearing it again with a jean jacket, and another time with a collared blouse. Long live the long dresses!
Scroll down to see where the rest of my outfit is from and to enter to win $50 to Pink Blush!
70's fashion and style
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Velvet Fringed Kimono (sold out, similar linked on sale)
Black Leather Band Watch c/o Daniel Wellington (use the code LAURYNCAKES for 15% off your order until March 31, 2016)
Skinny Black Belt (on sale for $7!)

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  1. That dress looks gorgeous on you.. I love it with the fringed kimono.

  2. That dress looks gorgeous on you.. I love it with the fringed kimono.

  3. pink bluish is a great site! thanks for the chance :) I have been wanting to buy a kimono (and there is one on the pinkblush site that I love) but I feel like I would look like I am in a moomoo.... I need to lose about 15 lbs. I think it looks great on you and I would love to pull one off~

    1. NO way girl! You would look fab in one, no matter your size!

  4. Omg! So I totally went and made a purchase after seeing your blog post! Loooove it!

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  7. This dress is so cute. I love the lace on it. It also looks very comfy. Thank you so much for sharing


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