Getting Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal
The secret is out... I have been getting laser hair removal for awhile now. I saw awhile because I had to take a break from it, because, well, life gets the best of you and sometimes it is hard to make appointments that fit into our busy schedules! BUT, I am back at it and I love the results.

Oh, and don't think this is strictly for ladies-- my husband is getting laser hair removal as well on his neck! It has truly helped clear up an area that was causing serious irritation when he had to always shave for work.

Want to hear more? I have got the deets!

Going in to Have Laser Hair Removal Performed

Going in to have laser hair removal performed is an easy choice for some people and a harder choice for others. If you're having trouble deciding whether or not to have the procedure yourself, it should help to know how efficient it is compared to at-home treatments.

Lasers Don't Stop at the Skin's Surface
When comparing laser treatment to shaving, the biggest difference is that lasers don't stop at the skin's surface. Think of a hair follicle as being like a tree or plant. Just like a plant, it has a root and section that is below the dirt. Hairs also have roots and sections that grow below the “dirt” that is your skin. When you shave hair away, it's like chopping off the part of a plant you can see, leaving what's below to soon poke up above the “dirt” again. Using a laser is a lot like pulling a plant out by the roots, removing what you can't see, as well as what you can.

Lasers Beams Follow Hair Shafts to the Roots
You might be wondering if waxing works as well as laser treatment. Well, it can be more efficient than shaving because it rips out some of the hair below the surface, but it doesn't always offer consistent results. Some hairs get ripped out further down than others, meaning that they grow back at different speeds.

Lasers are much more precise. They will follow hair shafts right down to the roots, making it take much longer for the hairs to grow back and not leaving any stray hairs behind. Additionally, they can do it with less pain than waxing, and often faster than you would be able to wax the hair away at home.

How Often You Will Need Laser Procedures
The frequency with which you'll need to go into your local clinic to be treated by a laser hair removal machines is somewhat up to you. At first the clinician will recommend that you have a series of treatments spread out over several weeks, or possibly a couple of months. After that, it's up to you if you have more laser treatments later or not.
You see, the laser treatments might keep some hairs from ever returning, but others probably will grow back. You'll just have fewer of them, and they might be light colored and less obvious. Depending on your individual results, you might decide that a little bit of waxing or shaving at home is enough to maintain the results you want. If not, you might decide to schedule another treatment series.

Even though lasers are more accurate than shaving or waxing, every person is different. Therefore, the results will vary. You have to be the judge of how many treatments you want to have based on your own results.

Verify Your Candidacy Before Having Any

A final thing to be aware of is that you have to verify your candidacy before having any laser treatments at all. If your skin is quite oily, you might want to steer clear of heat-based treatments like lasers. That's because the heat can boil the excess skin oils and burn your skin. Also be aware that the treatments do get increasingly more painful, so you have to be a tough cookie when it comes to (quick) pain! There are also other reasons why some people are poor candidates for the procedure.  The best way to check your own candidacy is to discuss your skin type and medical status with a trained skincare professional before making any skincare treatment appointments.



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