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Yeah, working in a high school is tough. Think back to walking the halls of your youth, surrounded by other youths who have almost zero control of their mood swings.

Now fast forward. You are stuck in a room with them. You are placing demands to practice a skill that they really dislike (reading?! BLAH!). Suddenly, you are the target of their latest mood swing. Their girlfriend just broke up with them, but you were the last one asking them to do something that they. really. don't. want. to. do. BAM. Did the B word just fly by, or are my ears buzzing and hearing the music from the unauthorized headphones hooked to the NO PHONES ALLOWED device in a jean pocket across the room?
Nope. Today, the kids have listened to the trillionth time you reminded them of the 'electronics stay away in class' rule. WIN.
But wait, then I was really just called the B word... twice? Crap. Lose. Lose. Lose!
You remind yourself that sometimes there are things going on outside our control, outside of your classroom.
You remind the student that he still has to do his work and that you only nag him because you care.

I like to look at myself these days in the mirror and say, "You've got some thick skin."
My reflection stares back at me and says, "Thicker than it used to be, you're practically leather!"

It still stings. The wounds to the egos (his and mine) will eventually heal, and a month from now, when he is over his girlfriend, he comes and tells you that you are his favorite teacher and he is glad you were there for him.

I still have to look at that quote above at least once a day though. My skin is still growing.

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  1. Man, I got called the b word multiple times at my last school and I cried in my storage room every time, so I totally get it. Keep your head up teacher girl! :)

  2. I love comfy and this looks very comfy. This is my kind of outfit. Thank you for sharing

  3. It takes a certain type of person to be a teacher. A wonderful, kind, patient, tough person! God bless you! On a lighter note, love this relaxed look! Your hair is gorgeous and I am obsessed with your sandals!

    xx, Elise

  4. You DO have thick skin, girl! Being a teacher is no joke, and so admirable. Your post reads like poetry. I love the outfit especially the shoes!
    Glass of Glam

  5. It's amazing how busy you can feel from a student. So many of them are dealing with things we can't even begin to understand. Chin up! Xoxox

  6. It's amazing how busy you can feel from a student. So many of them are dealing with things we can't even begin to understand. Chin up! Xoxox

  7. You look beautifully stylish! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  8. LIke your look and photo, and your hair is amazing!

  9. I imagine what it must feel like for female celebrities nowadays. The upside to social media is they get to be connected to their fans-and the world-in an instant. Stars are more accessible in a way previously only imaginable. The downside is female public figures are more harshly criticized, and often times in unthinkably dangerous ways. I hope that we can teach each other that men and women unquestionably deserve equal treatment.


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