5 Tips on How to Wear High Waist Jeans

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  1.  BELT IT In my opinion, high waist pants look best belted! It really helps accentuate the smallest part of your frame-- the waist! So cinch it in with a cute (but big) belt that draws attention to that area.
  2. TUCK IT Baggy shirts should definitely be tucked into the high waist jeans. Again, this is to accentuate your waist! Of course, untucked baggy shirts do just fine, but then you won't be able to be seen rockin' the hot trend of high waist jeans! What's the fun in that?
  3. CROP IT Yep, the only time you should be caught wearing a crop top over the age of 24 is when you are wearing high waisted pants! (any other time and you're showing a little too much unless you're Taylor Swift). Wearing a crop top allows eyes to focus on the hourglass silhouette that you are trying to create. 
  4. ROLL IT This is one of the tips that can be paired with other styles! I love to roll my "mom jeans" when I am wearing booties or when they are too baggy. By doing this (if they are baggy), you show a little ankle, which again, shows off your figure.
  5. EXPERIMENT IT There are truly a plethora of shoes styles that can be worn with high waist jeans, but make sure you experiment first! Not all will look good, so be sure to test them each out in the mirror before heading out the door. Some styles that look the best? Chunky heels, d'Orsay flats, and of course, booties!

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Jewelry is all from Color by Amber c/o
Striped Shirt from DownEast Basics
Seychelles Ukulele Suede Ankle Boots (very very similar- same brand)
Raga Calabasas Kimono (similar- same brand)
Retro Luxe London Leather Western Belt with Double Keeper
FOREVER 21 classic high-waisted jeans



  1. I seriously love this look, Lauryn. I can't wait to share it w the CBA network!

  2. love this look! still terrified of trying high waisted jeans but i'll try it out now that i've gotten some tips.

  3. super cute look! love the boots and jeans! pinned it ♥

  4. I just got some high waisted jeans and am obsessed! Love the tips :)
    Emmy Jake NYC

  5. Love high waist jeans. Some great tips here thanks!

  6. What a cute look! I love high waisted jeans but it's suchhhhh a fine line between being chic and looking like you're wearing mom jeans haha. Love these tips!
    XO Amanda | www.glitterandspice.com

  7. You look gorgeous in anything! Love those boots.


  8. Loving the booties!! Such great colors.



  9. Love the pretty western style belt! Your guide is so great!!!


  10. I cannot wear high waisted jeans or pants. They just don't happen to be particularly flattering to me. However, your belt looks almost identical to one I bought from Express in high school! Sigh, those were the days!

  11. love this look! still terrified of trying high waisted jeans but i'll try it out now that i've gotten some tips. http://www.samishleather.com

  12. Yeah it is a great look thanks for sharing.


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