7 Tips for Hanging an Art Wall | Featuring Minted

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Hanging wall art can be pretty challenging and intimidating. The secret to  a successful galley? You just need to go for it! Before you dive in, read these tips I have learned (sometimes the hard way) while decorating my home!

1. Choose the mood and color style When you are first buying your prints from minted.com, you are going to want to decide on the color scheme of your wall. This can depend on the feeling or mood you want to convey, or it can be based on your home decor that already exists. Minted also has a section on their website that allows for you to cater to the color story you want by narrowing your search! It is called Curated- Color Play and definitely deserves to be checked out in your decorating journey.

2. Mix and match your sizing and orientation Always be sure to include various sizes of frames and art. Also turn orientations of the photos to bring new dimensions to the collection! You want the eyes to be drawn to the different aspects of the wall and that is achieved through varying sizes and style.

3. Hang at eye level Of course, not everyone has the same eye level as you do, but no one wants to be craning their neck in order to check out your gallery. Likewise, it is not fun to be required to bend down to see art!

4. Start with the biggest piece first When you begin with the biggest piece, you have a better idea of spacing. It's easier when you place the biggest piece off center and move outwards! I started with the blue Playa Seven Art Print, then hung the vintage gold mirror I thrifted. This allowed me to visualize how much room would be required to create an even look.

5. Hang each print about a hand width apart You will always have this handy measuring tool on you! Just place your hand touching one frame, and hang the next photo touching the other side of your hand. This amount of spacing is just right to produce the feeling of your photos being one collection.

6. Use command strips No need to worry about poking wholes in your wall, or have to listen to that pesky rule about hanging things in your apartment! Command strips come in various shapes and sizes, as well as many different weight options. NOTE: be sure to get real command strips. The off brand kind can pull paint off walls!

7. Blend Styles When everything is the same, things can get bland and boring quickly. Be sure to mix things up by using different art styles! Abstract, oil, watercolor, print, art pieces, all these styles can be merged for an expert collection!
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Playa Seven Art Print (blue waves) c/o Minted
United States Gold Foil Print c/o Minted
Lula Art Print (blue circles) c/o Minted
Slow Zebra Art Print (succulent photo) c/o Minted
White and Gold Antelope Faux Taxidermy from Near and Deer
Gold Frame Mirror Vintage (thrifted)
Let's Make Out Pillow
XO Pillow
Sheep Skin Rug
Blue Abstract Ikat Pillow from Loom and Mill
All other pillows from Pier 1 Imports!



  1. I never thought to start with the biggest item first. I love how this wall looks! I have a couple of gallery walls in my house and they are so fun to plan!


  2. Great post girl!! I just moved so we are still figuring out our wall art. This is super helpful!

    xo Lacey

  3. your color palette is everything!! thanks for the tips! will be needing this on my move in august


  4. Absolutely love al of these!!! Great tips :)



  5. This is so cute. I love everything about this wall. I really love those pillows ;)


  6. Wow those prints are amazing!

    Jenna from www.visionsofvogue.com

  7. I saw this on insta, I am so impressed!! Great tips. Looks AMAZING!!

    xx, Elise

  8. lovely prints! I love these tips and the prints you shared here!

  9. This is awesome! My best friend is moving to Dallas this summer and we're creating a gallery wall in her new apartment - I'm definitely going to send this to her so we can take another look at it when we start! :)
    XO Amanda | www.glitterandspice.com

  10. i absolutely love all your prints!!! that room is just amazing!! and those pillows!!! ahhhh! love it! xo Sarah saraheggett.blogspot.com


  12. Gallery walls are so fun! I love how your wall turned out! Those prints are gorgeous!

    Doused In Pink

  13. Great ideas on how to coordinate pictures/paintings on walls.

  14. I love the group of pics and the frames are awesome!

  15. Thanks for the great tips. It looks great.

  16. These are really helpful tips. My family and I moved around a lot growing up (including just last year!) so we definitely have gotten used to changing up wall decorations.


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