6 Tips to Keep Your Hair Protected in the Summer ft. Salty Mountains Swimwear

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If you are from Utah, Happy 24th of July!!! I hope you are celebrating our state's birthday in style, hopefully by the pool! I know I will be in my Salty Mountains swimsuit and tassel coverup all day long! The floral design and the sporty cut had me at hello.

 Besides spending my days outside or by the pool (in this adorable sporty halter top from Salty Mountains), I have been working hard to get my blog known and out there! I was recently invited onto KUTV news to do a segment about summer hair care. After you watch the video below, I will go into depth as to why I love these products and my 6 summer hair care tips to keep you protected!
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+ How to Keep Your Hair Protected in the Summer +
1. Use a deep conditioner. Taking a bath? Put on leave in conditioner! Cleaning the house? Deep condition! Have 15 extra minutes? Deep condition in the shower! My personal favorite is the Design Essentials Coconut and Monoi Deep Moisture Milk SoufflĂ© because it smells good and delivers a moisture punch to your hair! You can leave it in for a couple of hours, leave it in for 15 minutes and wash normally, or add to the ends of your hair after washing when your hair is still damp. This product has milk protein, coconut oil, and Shea butter in it for dry, thirsty hair! 
2. Stop using heat tools as much. Obvious answer, but this one can be harder to commit to! If you hate your natural locks, or they dry funny sometimes, try doing different braids (such as the fishtail or inside out French braid), or using a leave in product to add curl! I have really been liking Marc Anthony's Dream Wave Beach Spray to make my hair look like I just washed up on the shore and had effortless hair. It also has vitamins and UV protection in it to help soothe summer hair troubles!
3. Wash less often. This really, really matters! The less you wash, the more the natural oils in your hair have a chance to do their job. Plus, this means less coloring because you won't be washing it out. Also, washing your hair more often can dry it out. I recommend finding a shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair. I personally recommend Living Proof Shampoo; it is great for my dry scalp because it cleanses well without all the traditional oils found in shampoo. This product is meant for people that don't wash their hair everyday! The Living Proof Conditioner "Perfect Hair Day" really gives back nutrients, which again, has none of the crappy oils or sulfates that bog down hair. If you are having trouble not washing your hair, remember, your hair needs to get used to the new routine and build up to not over-producing oil. Try using a dry-shampoo at the roots of your hair at night to really soak up and oil or smell that might be detrimental to your no-wash do.
4. Use a brush that won't cause damage. Your hairstylist wasn't completely wrong when she told you not to brush your hair when wet. It can damage it. However if you have the right brush, like The Wet Brush that uses Mongolian Boar and Intelliflex bristles, you don't have to worry about damage! This brush is perfect on wet or dry hair, detangles easily, and really stimulates the scalp (for those with dry scalp like me)!
5. Color less and use natural highlighters. Another more obvious tip is to not color or bleach your hair in the summer. A great way to avoid this is to use natural lighteners that compliment from sun exposure. Putting lemon juice on your hair before hitting the summer sun is going to bring out natural highlights without causing damage. There are also newer products coming out where you can actually spray on a blonde color for a temporary color that doesn't cause any damage!
6. Moisturize often. In between washes, basically everyday, I add a moisturizer to the ends of my hair! The ends of my hair need product the most because they have been treated with bleach, have split ends, and are the oldest! I have boasted of Madam CJ Walker's coconut oil as a great addition to ends! If you are looking to deliver the moisturizing product quicker, try Design Essentials Coconut and Monoi Shine Spray! It is a bit heavy, and has coconut oil and vitamin E, so I caution those who have thin or fine hair. For those with curly, thick, or a lot of hair, spray on the ends to help with dryness, dullness, or breakage.

Do you have any hair care tips or tricks? I would love to hear them! Tell me about your hair secrets below in the comments.

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  1. Not washing the hair too often is so important, but hard to follow unfortuanetly! Xx


  2. Great tips! I also love your swim suit, looks amazing on you!

    xx, Elise

  3. Great tips babe! Summer wreaks havoc on my hair!

    xx Leah / www.eatpraywearlove.com

    1. I think every season change sends my hair into shock!

  4. Great hair tips, and I'm loving your swim suit! My hair is damaged, so I love applying coconut oil to help.

    1. Thanks, Rachael. I love coconut oil as well. It's a cure all like Vaseline!

  5. Great tips! I need to get a good moisturizer!

    1. You definitely do girl! Let me know if you need any tips on buying some!

  6. I know I said this the other night, but LIVING PROOF IS AMAZING. Seriously, I swear by that stuff. The styling cream is pretty awesome too. And I need to go buy more! My hair is pretty healthy and easy to manage, but my daughter's is the exact opposite - so curly and frizzy that it's impossible to get a brush through it in the morning. I'm going to have to try the deep conditioners that you mentioned, because it really is out of control!

    1. Say it again, girl! That stuff is golden. Can they just send us a lifetime supply and we be ambassadors?! I think when hair is curly, it has a tendency to get more dry. Tell me if you find anything that works!


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