Nomad Paddle Boarding: Renting a Board for the Day

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Recently I went paddle boarding with a couple other blogging babes  (from left to right, Keara from Modest Style, me, Sandy from Sandyalamode, and Jen from Elevate Everyday, there were others there, but they are not pictured!). We went to a local Utah lake and were able to experience Nomad Paddle Board Rentals

Paddle boarding is not something I have ever done, so I was nervous at first that I would lose my balance and fall right it. It turns out, it is easier than it looks! When we first got there, I helped pump up the boards (did you know that they are inflatable? I had no idea that they were soft boards). We hung around for a while so that others could get there (Utah time is a real thing, almost everyone showed up an hour late. I need to stop being so punctual!), and then Hali and Sara taught us how to get on and practice. After about five minutes, we were up and moving. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the paddle boarding gave my foot a work out. If you have been following my blog along, you may know that I have had multiple foot surgeries. My right foot never healed properly, so somethings are harder than others. It was awesome that balancing on the board was able to do a little bit of rehab on the healing foot! Also, surprise, I didn't fall in or even need to get my hair wet.

There is some information below about renting from Nomad Paddle (they deliver in Utah!) and if you head to my Instagram later today, you can find a giveaway!
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Paddle boards rentals are $35.00 for the day / $70 for the weekend (3 days) / $210 for the week
 Life jackets are $5.00 
Inflatable tire tubes for $8.00
They have a ton of other fun items and necessities that can be rented. All their rental prices can be found here.

 Pick up and drop off times are 7:30-10:00 am and 3:00-5:30. 
Nomad Paddle has meet-ups at lakes near them, so if you follow Nomad Paddle on Facebook/Instagram you can find out when the meet-ups are!
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Paddle Board borrowed from Nomad Paddle Rental
Find them here:

Swimsuit from Beach Riot (old, see others below!)



  1. I love your star spangled ensemble! Your red, white and blue pieces immediately make me think of Wonder Woman! I was happy to hear you had a happy adventure with paddle boarding! It does admittedly look like it'd be pretty hard.

    1. YES! Glad you thought of her! Don't worry, it isn't hard at all!

  2. Your bathing suit is kind of amazing! Such a fun outing to have gone to with other bloggers! Thanks for sharing, girl!

    Xox Dana Ivy // --> PS new posts on my blog everyday this week =)

    1. Thank you! I am so glad that one pieces have come back in because they are so much more convenient for sports!

  3. Looks like fun. Love your bathing suit.

  4. I'v never done paddle boarding before but this looks so fun! And I adore your cute one piece <3

    xx Jesica

    1. You would love it, Jesica! Thank you for the compliment!

  5. That sounds like a blast! I've never tried that before and I'm SO not athletic--but maybe this is something I could do. It looks fun!
    Shea |

    1. No worries, you don't need to be athletic at all!

  6. That looks like SO much fun, and I love your swimsuit! Thanks for linking up with the Trend Spin Linkup! I would love to have you cohost some time. = )

    1. It is, and thank you!! I would LOVE to cohost sometime, just email and let me know when!

  7. That swimsuit is adorable! I am a little late getting around to visit the linkers from the July My Refined Style Linkup. Thanks so much for adding your fashion flair our party!



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