#NYFW: What to Expect at New York Fashion Week

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You are probably thinking, what the heck goes down at New York Fashion Week? (Heck, what is there even to do in New York City -- just kidding, that answer is endless). Well, I have summed up the best and the worst, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and just what to be on the lookout for when you're at #NYFW.

Official Fashion Week Shows This is the main attraction to New York every February and September! Well-known and up-and-coming designers get to show off their collections at one of the locations (this used to be sponsored by Mercedes Benz, but is now sponsored by Lexus). The shows are exclusive with an intimate audience of no more than 300 people, and sometimes as small as 100. Attendees sit on benches and watch as runway models help the collections come to life.

Street Style Photography Some may joke and say this is the best part of Fashion Week! People fly in from all over the world to do one of two things (or both) - see or be seen. While walking the streets outside of the shows, you can find the most elegantly dressed, to the craziest outfit you've ever seen in your life. Photographers from major magazines and photo companies flock on street corners to capture every fashion "creature" that walks by.

Collaborations & Meetings Many influencers use their time in NY at meetings and doing collaborations. Meetings are when a brand and a blogger get together to discuss potentional or ongoing partnership. While I was out there, I was able to work with Meg Stringham from Runway Hair Salon (in Orem) and Sara from Peace Photo. They are both Utah locals, but we took the opportunity to work together while we were all out there!

Fashion Presentations While not as exciting as the runway shows, presentations still offer a cool, more subdued atmosphere to admire a designer's collection. This is even more intimate than a show. Usually held in a warehouse or small showroom, there will either be models standing around the room, or mannequins placed in the clothing. These are great events if you want to meet and talk to the designer themselves. I went to the VERDAD Denim presentation and the Katie Gallagher Eclipse Collection presentation (be warned, her collection is NSFW).
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Sample Sales These are extremely fun to go to! My favorite this year was a vintage store sale! This is where retailers (or designers) get rid of extra merchandise. A few common myths: they only sell sample sizes and that the best ones are the known ones. Ask a fashionable local. They'll point you in the direction of a less picked over sale.

Meet & Greets Some of the celebrities, big bloggers, and influencers will host a get-together and allow fans to come and meet them! I didn't personally go to any of them, but if I had been in NYC one night earlier, I would have gone to meet Danielle from We Wore What at What Goes Around Comes Around (the best vintage store ever).

Inspiration Just walking down the street in New York provides inspiration! There are fashionistas, wall art, homemade crafts for sell. You don't want to blink, or you might miss it! This was one of my favorite characteristics of being in the big city: the fact that everyone knew how to be themselves without fear!

Networking Bring as many business cards as you can manage! I met people from the press across the world, a fashion magazine editor, bloggers I have been dying to meet and ones that became fast friends, designers, and business owners. This is one of the best reasons to head out to NYFW! It helps you to network and meet people that you can potentially partner with.

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ShopStyle & RewardStyle Parties The two biggest affiliate marketing companies that work with fashion bloggers both host parties at the Fashion Weeks. ShopStyle hosts their event as a Social House. RewardStyle hosts theirs on a rooftop! Both are great to meet new blogging friends! Both offer great swag bags. At the #SSSocialHouse, they let us rent clothing for the week. That is where I was able to get my (grubby little) hands on a Yumi Kim dress!

Press Parties There were a couple press parties that I dragged my husband to with me. They were a little less schnazzy than you would think. Nothing worth talking about, but they definitely happen and are a good place to network!

Style Fashion Week Shows This is for a lot of underground designers and those on the up and up. They may not be as well known as the big brands, but they sure have a lot of talent and creativity! If you want to be able to go to non-stop shows during the week, then Style Fashion Week is for you!
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Photography: Peace Photo
Hair Styling: Meg Stringham



  1. Great post on what to expect. Love your dress and your hair looks amazing. Beautiful photos!

    xx, Elise

    1. Thank you! I have had so many questions and I hope that this helps! Also, thank you for the compliments on my hair!

  2. this is such a great post for people who have never been! love your outfit :)

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  3. You look great and your hair is amazing! Hopefully I will make it to NYFW one of these days. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! I wish I could achieve this hair-do on my own!

  4. I'd love to attend fashion week, lucky you. I really like the accessories for this outfit. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was a dream come true! Thank you for reading!

  5. I'm not very into fashion but the maxidress you were wearing looked so comfortable. I really liked the print.

    1. Thank you! I am glad that even for a non-fashionista it looked good!

  6. cute outfit and your hair is amazing!


  7. Ahh! So, so jealous! Looks like such a great time. Your hair and dress are gorgeous! xo, Starla

    1. It was so fun! Thank you for the amazing compliment Starla!


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