Corduroy Dress and Suede Boots

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I RAN (and I mean ran) to WalMart when I found out about this corduroy jumper. It sounded like it was too good to be true.

It kind of was, because I had to get a size too large for me, but I think the fit suits the style. It turned out that Sedona East had sent me this choker top just the very same week: it was meant to be.
I had a hard time choosing from Sedona East's website because alllllll of their clothing is perfect for my boho-chic slash rocker-try-hard vibe.  In the end, it came down to this top and an adorable and casual bomber jacket you'll see on the blog veryyy soon.

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Oh, and have I mentioned Hannah Nichols yet? She was the photographer behind this shoot (and more to come). A dream to work with. Patient, gives guidance when posing, killer shots, and the edits were back within a day. A DAY! It's as if the stars aligned to let this corduroy and suede number come to life. 

You can't blame me for being slightly narcissistic and posting 12 photos from the shoot, can you?

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Photography: Hannah Nichols Photography
New Hair Balayage Touch-Up: Runway hair Salon

Brown Corduroy Overall Dress (ONLY $13!)
Ivory Choker Midi Shirt c/o Sedona East
Suede Over-the-Knee Brown Boots



  1. That's from Walmart?! So adorable!!

  2. That's gorgeous! I would have never guessed it was from Walmart!


    1. Thank you!!! I am glad you wouldn't have guessed!

  3. I love Walmart stuff this season! I got some great pieces for fall...a saddle bag purse for only $12!!

    1. They really stepped up their game, didn't they!?

  4. That is the cutest outfit and the color is perfect for you and your hair color, love the sorry and the jumper is adorable. You look like a Bond Girl with the retro jumper and the boots :)

    1. YES! I have always wanted to be a bond girl! Thank you. The jumper was one of my favorite finds lately.

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you went and got it! It's SO cute. And I love this color on you!


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