Knit and Cozy Cowl Neck Sweater

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It's birthday week and for some reason, birthdays always make me reflect upon my life. The year twenty-four taught me so many amazing things and forced so much growth. With every step up, I always say, "if only I had known this sooner." At the same time, I look back at the strength it took to reach each step of progression and wonder how it was possible to get through. When I was a teen, I thought everything was the end of the world. My twenties have scared the sh!t out of me and when anything happens, I hope it ISN'T the end of the world. With just three days to my 25th, everyday I want to share some of the lessons that I've learned in just 365 days:

1. You are never too old or too young to make up, or even change, your mind. If you wake up one day and realize your aren't happy, you are allowed to, and have the power to, change your path.

2. When you support others, they'll support you. My lovely husband calls himself my "hype-man". Everyone needs a hype-person in their lives. They'll shout out about your strengths and sell you to others, especially if you're feeling too humble to do that for yourself. In order to have a hype-person, you must BE a hype-person. I call mine#BossBabes.

3. Sometimes you just need to not worry what the "haterz" (oh how I hate that word) will think. Speak up for what is right, especially if it is to help yourself or someone you love. Opinions make you beautiful.

More to come tomorrow, because you know, I'm all about sharing how to run your life 😉

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  1. This sweater could not be more perfect!! The color, the fit, everything! Love your hair too!

  2. Thanks for your positive mind thinking! I totally agree with you. Just be happy with yourself, be positive and lead the reins to your perfect life. Anyway about your outfit, the sweater looks perfect on you! Great combination! X

  3. How cozy :) Perfect for the upcoming chilly season and love the hair!

  4. Beautiful outfit, beautiful words! This looks so cozy. I love the leggings/boots/sweater combo and the variations of it I'm seeing on blogs this fall!

  5. This looks so cozy!

  6. Love that it is sweater season already! Love that sweater will have to add one to my sweater collection!

  7. OMG. Looking at this post makes me so excited for the colder weather. Lovely cozy looking jacket!
    (You're really pretty btw.)

  8. I love everything about this look! I love your sweater.

  9. I love everything about this look! I love your sweater.

  10. Happy Birthday! You look so beautiful and I love those cute hair clips! :)

  11. Okay the sweater is great but your hair is AMAZING!

  12. Such a gorgeous hair style and cosy sweater, i love the look xxx

  13. Love the sweater - it looks so cozy!

  14. This is such a great sweater! It's so versatile and could be dressed up or down depending on the situation. I love how you've styled it with the leggings and those fabulous boots!

  15. Your hair looks gorgeous and the boots are so good! I really want this sweater for fall 😍


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