Holiday Style Party Outfits

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I have a strong connection to powerful women. I want to draw from their strength, learn from their hustle, and emulate their kind actions toward others. 
I choose to surround myself with women that make others feel important, because they are so confident of their potential, that they are willing to give back knowing it doesn't diminish their light, but only adds to it.

Four of the women that were involved in this post are some of those women I am talking about.
Violeta, the cutest friend in the pictures with me, has taught me a lot about networking and the power in sharing leads.
Lynley Johnson, who took the photos in her brand new StudioBox Photo Co (it is so cool, you have to see it in person), has shown me what kindness is in supporting other's and making them feel beautiful inside and out.
Tara Lynn for (the owner of Tara Lynn's Boutique where this amazing sequin skirt is from) to follow your dreams.
& Tarah from Chic Jewelry Girl (the leather bracelets) for teaching my to hustle harder!

Now, on to the outfit! V and I were planning our upcoming collaborations for the holiday month, and we knew we wanted to incorporate a holiday outfit! The Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate) season has a lot of sparkle, and is all about showing light. These sequin skirts, mine A-line and V's pencil, demand attention and were the perfect holiday party style! The black, lace-up, chunky heel Chase & Chloe shoes are not only comfortable, but fabulous enough to catch the eye, even with it's dazzling partner.  I also knew I immediately wanted this shirt when I saw it on my good friend one day.  (I may or may not have busted my butt to get to Target that night). The final touch was the leather cuff bracelets with gold accents from Plunder.
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On Lauryn:
Gold Sequin A-Line Skirt from Tara Lynn's Boutique
Black Lace-Up Heels (c/o Chase & Chloe)

On Violeta:
Plaid Blouse (use the code SHOPGIFTS for 30% off!)



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