DOPE Chisme

dope beanie, duster cardigan, over the knee boots

I donnnnnnn't know why, but this beanie with the words DOPE on it reminds me of the "he said, she said game". 

It brings up old memories from high school. Conversations would go like this:
A: Did you hear? So and so is on drugs now?

B: What?! (I was always B)
C: Yeah, I heard they were on dope!

Ha! I know, ridiculous, right? I mean you could insert any gossip into that conversation, and it would ring true for many of us. We have been there. While this DOPE beanie isn't talking about the drug, but rather the slang of "that's so rad", every time I wear it, this thought process comes into my head.

So, let's change the game up a bit. Let's make our chisme (gossip) uplift others! Conversations would go like this:
A: Did you hear? So and So is getting a new job?
B: What?!
C: Yeah, I heard they were getting a dope new CEO position.

There was such a simple change to the two conversations, but they were wildly different. Use the power that comes from your words to change perspective. So... Here's to a fresh start of the week. A Monday worth positive gossip!

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DOPE Beanie | Chambray Dress (similar) | Duster Cardigan | GiGi New York Cross Body Bag (from last year's NYFW!) | Over The Knee Boots | Snake Wrap Bracelet

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  1. I love this adorable printed dress! And your hair looks amazing here!

  2. Very cute outfit! I never have negative connotations with the word Dope. Then again I am from California ;)

  3. That beanie is adorable and I totally understand what you're saying! My dad was in SWAT and all I heard was that dude was doped up. Ha!

  4. Literally #vibes for that beanie girl. i LOVE IT so so much.


  5. This hat is too cute!! I absolutely love it!!


  6. Your chambray dress is so cute! Love how you styled it.

    Greta |

  7. such a great giveaway and i LOVE that hat!!!

  8. Ha this hat is so cute! Love the styling, babe!


  9. Love this look! Cute beanie!

    xo, Steph

  10. Oooh I love how you twisted around the conversation when it comes to that graphic beanie! Such a great thing to think about! And gosh, your outfit is so cute!!

    Stephanie //


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