Why Freshpet Is Best For My Dogs and Cats

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As all my close friends know, I am an all out dog person. I recently had the chance to work with a company who I believe is doing great things for dogs and it was my pleasure to get to know a new four legged friend while preparing this post. 

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Meet Zion. Zion and I were instant friends because we share a common interest... food. I am trying really hard to eat well and exercise more this year. It is well known wisdom that "abs are made in the kitchen". While I work on eating right and bettering myself I thought it would be good for my dogs to better themselves too! When I heard about Freshpet refrigerated pet food I was immediately excited to give my dogs something that will not only make them happy but healthy as well! Freshpet is a refrigerated and all natural pet food made with fresh ingredients.

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What makes them stand out is that their food is made with only fresh ingredients and never uses artificial or chemical preservatives or any mysterious ingredients like chicken meal. My dogs (who asked not to be photographed because 2 out of 3 of them had recent surgeries and are still in cones) have gone through many different food brands in their lifetime. Harley has always had health problems especially allergies. She gets irritated and itchy, and has most of her life. Fortunately, the switch to Freshpet helped her to feel better and stopped her allergies causing her to be itchy.

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Sick people should eat healthy, but healthy people need to eat nutritious food as well. Zion was happy to model in exchange for a free taste of Freshpet food and went crazy as soon as I opened the bag! If you, or a pet you know, is interested in learning more about the products Freshpet offers visit their website to see what health benefits switching to all natural food will provide.

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  1. Ok my goodness your fur baby is adorable! I have 2 yorkies. I have heard this dog food is so great!

  2. I've heard such great things about Freshet! My pups would definitely love it!

    xo Kelsey | www.chasingcinderellablog.com

  3. I'll have to have my mom look into this for our puppy!

  4. Your pooch is ADORABLE. Had not heard of Freshpet but when we get a dog, I will certainly look into this!! Great informational post!!


  5. im also working on this campaign! so fun to see how you did it! so cute

  6. I love my little fur babies and they only get the best food too!


  7. I always love getting new ideas for my pup on what to feed him. Love this review!

    xo, Amanda

  8. Your pup is so cute! Mine were my 'first kids' so it has always been really important to me to only feed them the best!

  9. How cute is your pup?! They're like family, we should feed them like that too!

  10. Oh, Zion is a cutie!! <3 I totally agree that what we feed our pets is just as important as what we feed ourselves.

  11. Love your pups! I get my pu p this saturday!

  12. Such a cute pup!! This food sounds so good! It's so important to feed our dogs good food.

  13. I don't have a pet but my boyfriend and I are dying to get a dog, we'll have to look check this food out!

    xx Mollie

  14. I will have to look into this for our cat, Sully! I'm sure he'd love it!

    The Dainty Darling


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