Why you Should Start Age Prevention in Your 20s

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You're in your twenties now, and you feel like you should be a little bit more responsible with your skin care, just like you've been more responsible with paying your own bills. I get it, you're a grown up! Did you know that once you are out of your teenage years, it is time to start age prevention skin routines? I have teamed up with VIVO Per Lei to tell you why and how you can begin the anti-aging process before it is too late.

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EXFOLIATE Yup, you heard me loud and clear. In order for your face to stay young and peppy, it needs new cells up top. If old, grungy, dead cells are stuck on the upper layer of your face, your will look dull and tired! I love VIVO Per Lei's Retinol Anti-Aging Exfoliant because it carries a variety of vitamins and is gentle. Please note, it is best not to exfoliate daily. This can cause skin irritation.

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FILL THOSE LINES There is a reason that people get filler! Not only does it diminish the appearance of aging with the disappearance of fine lines, but it can also prevent further creasing. If you're not ready for the injections, skip the procedure and the price and get Retinol Wrinkle Solution Filler. Think of it like a primer that evens out those valleys on the face, only better.

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USE RETINOL The first time my dermatologist recommended this to me, I questioned him. "I'm only twenty-three," I looked back at him in puzzlement. His response was enough for me add retinol to my routine forever, "do you want to look twenty-three forever?" YES. Yes I do. If you are unfamiliar, Retinol is just a fancy version of Vitamin A derivatives that help your skin cycle through cell production faster (a.k.a. cell turnover). This is going to boost your collagen (made up of amino acids), a protein which is found in your skin, hair, nails, and vital organs to promote health. More cell turnover, the better your even skin tone and skin coloration, and the less wrinkles you will see! I have currently been using a .25 Retinol at night, and adding in the VIVO Per Lei Retinol Wrinkle Solution Serum.

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PUT A MASK ON Put the Retinol Wrinkle Solution Thermal Mask on to take your makeup mask off! You should be adding a mask into your routine weekly, if not twice a week! It only takes ten minutes to give your skin a sudden boost and refresh. Look for masks that have a clay, rose, Vitamin A, citrus, or botanicals for a surefire way to get the most nutrients out of your time. You will know your mask is a good one if your face feels slightly springy and tight and you have a nice glow afterwards!

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  1. These products sound amazing! Everyone has to start taking care of their skin when they are young. You only get one body. Treat it well!
    xo Jessica

  2. I couldn't agree more!! These products sounds amazing and your room is gorgeous!


  3. I totally agree about starting in your 20's! I did and have noticed such a difference. I need to try this because I have definitely been slacking in my 30's now!

  4. Great review babe. I have been using age prevention stuff for a while now and I think it makes all the difference as you get older.

  5. I really love this post because I'm personally not into Botox, but this is another great option to prevent aging! Thanks for sharing! xx

  6. These products sound amazing! I wish I started taking better care of my skin, and using Retinol, at an earlier age!

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  10. I love how detailed you were with this blog post. All these suggestions make me want to add even more products to my daily skincare routine. I seriously need a line-filler (I'm already getting lines on my forehead and around my lips - guess I smile too much haha)!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  11. It's definitely important to start age prevention as early as possible. I haven't tried VIVO Per Lei products, but I think I need to!


  12. This is something my mom always taught me too!


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