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This bohemian style shoot was late in the winter when Stacie Yue and I were sick of the cold weather. We took a Sunday off to travel down to Southern Utah and visit Goblin Valley. It was so refreshing to feel the sun kiss our skin! Personally, I had never been to Goblin Valley. It was breathtaking to see all the formations and the red, red sand! In all honesty, I felt right at home.

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Here is a currently list. It has been a while since I have journaled like this!

Reading Mexican White Boy by Matt de la Pena. I heard amazing things about the book and the author. Plus, he fits in with the demographic and interests (baseball) of some of my students. I tried to recommend the book to one of my students yesterday, and he pulled it out of his backpack; he was already reading it!

Listening to There is a bit of an obsession with cover songs on Spotify!

Loving Working out. I didn't think it would catch on for me, but it has. The days that I don't go, my body can truly feel it.

Eating LOTS of these Lentils called Madres Lentils. I had to order them off Amazon because I couldn't find them in the store again. They taste delicious, can be cooked for a minute in the microwave, and they are jam packed with fiber. I am also loving the Halo Top ice cream.

Smelling Spring from the blossoms in the air!

Hearing A lot of people are talking about empowerment of women. I have enjoyed hearing a different take on feminism. I have surrounded myself with women who talk about this on the daily and strengthen each other.

Releasing This one feels personal. Feel free to talk about it with me sometime :)

Embracing The help of my husband. I am highly independent, and I have had to learn to allow help. My husband has been taking on some of my blogging duties and helps with tasks that I normally would do myself, but have become too busy for. I have embraced the fact that two is better than one.

Watching All the shows on Netflix! Just finished season 2 of The Path with Spencer. We moved onto Conspiracy Theory documentaries. Clearly just for fun, but they are addicting and like mini history lessons. On my own time, I am watching Shameless. I overheard one of my students talking about it and decided to dive into the seasons, even though I had previously turned away from it. As it turns out, it is a wonderful show with a lot of "ah-ha" moments for me about what some of my students might be dealing with in their home life. Perspective.

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  1. I love that dress and you this photo shoot is perfect. xo ~ Megan

  2. These photos are STUNNING! Love that floral print and that hat!
    xo Jessica

  3. STUNNING photos - these look editorial! Love the look! xx

  4. These shots are GORGEOUS!! I love this entire look!

  5. Such beautiful photos! I love that hat on you :)


  6. Gorgeous pictures! I love that print and that cute hat!

  7. You are such a boho babe! Love this dress.

    Greta |

  8. Gorgeous shots! Love the floral print!

    xo, Steph

  9. Love this post! I miss seeing stuff like this from bloggers. And goblin valley? One of my absolute favs. We should go sometime.

  10. Oh my goshhh, OBSESSED with these pictures!!! You are beautiful.


  11. These pictures are incredible!! Both your dress and the locale are absolutely breathtaking!!!



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