What is a Vampire Facial: Microneedling with PRP

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Have you ever wondered what the 'vampire facial' was, made popular by the Kardashian's?! Here in Utah, I found out just what the procedure of Microneedling is at FORM Medical Spa!

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It turns out that the procedure doesn't actually involve vampires...  but it does involve blood! The real name of the treatment is microneedling. The exact procedure I had done was microneedling with PRP-- or platelet rich plasma. This is a two step process, and either of these treatments can be done separate of one another at FORM Spa in Utah. Throughout the post, I will show you photos before, during, and immediately after the procedure. Please be warned, there is some blood and it may be a little graphic!

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What is micro needling?
 A machine that has a series of small needles vibrates as the medical spa technician moves the applicator across your face. The microneedling process takes about 15 minutes. If you count in the time it takes to numb your face, then this is a 45 minute treatment (letting the numbing cream kick in takes a lot of netflix and Instagram time -- both wifi and Netflix and drinks Form Spa provides). The technician uses clean needles, a "gliding" solution that lubricates the skin surface for an easier experience, and their expertise to make sure this procedure is as sanitary and pain free as possible.

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Why would someone want to get a microneedling treatment?
By making thousands of small pokes into the skin -- actually the lower dermis -- the face thinks it has been wounded. These are called micro channels. This is just the same as when you scrape yourself or pop a pimple and it triggers plasma and healing cells to "level up" and take charge. By telling your skin it has been wounded (even though they are not serious traumas), your skin beings a healing process. Where there is healing, there is collagen production! Collagen is what makes your skin keeps it's elasticity, prevents wrinkles, and produces an even skin tone and texture.

Why did YOU want the microneedling done?
My freshman year of college I had pretty hardcore acne. I even went on Acutane for about six months! Due to the cystic-type acne I had, I also got some pock marks and scarring. With my olive skin-tone, my face can have discoloration from acne, and also takes a long time to heal. Microneedling will speed up the healing process of the skin pigmentation, as well as help even my face out as the acne scarring is healed when a new dermis emerges.

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What is PRP?
PRP is platelet-rich plasma. Your plasma is mixed into your blood. You know that clear-ish liquid that comes after you have scratched yourself or broken the surface of your skin? That is plasma! The technician (who should be a certified phlebotomist) will draw a small tube of blood while your face is numbing from the cream. She will then take it to the separation machine, or centrifuge machine, which will separate your blood and plasma. The plasma is then called PRP! Once the PRP is ready and the microneedling is done, the plasma is put onto the face for four hours to dry and help stimulate skin healing.

Does it hurt?
I would say it is a 5 out of 10 on the pain scale. If you have ever had laser hair removal, this is much more manageable! It does cause your face to bleed, but that is normal, and actually something we want to happen. It looks scarier than it actually is. Afterwards, your face will look and feel like you have a sunburn. I will say, I took my husband Spencer along with me during the process because I am a fainter. I was worried I would have a panic attack (as I usually do) when they took my blood. I needed him there for moral support. Jamie, the technician and lobotomist, was kind and sensitive to my anxiety over the situation, and there were zero fainting spells!

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Be sure to follow along on my journey at FORM Medical Spa in Utah! I will be doing another post answering more questions, or these questions in depth, in about two more months. The next post will also show the before an after effects of microneedling with PRP! If you have any comments or concerns, write them below or email me! I will be sure to add them to my next post.

Here are a couple things we will talk about in the next post:
- What skin problems can this help with?
- What are the after effects?
- How many treatments do I need?
- What does it look like a couple days, a week, and a month after treatments?

Also, head into FORM Medical Spa in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, tell them Lauryn Hock or Lauryncakes sent you, and you will receive 10% off any service that you get that day! Call 801-513-FACE to set up an appointment.



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