Prepping for my Summer Body: Get Rid of Stretch Marks

I was provided Apothederm® Skincare in exchange for review via Shopping Links, however all opinions are my own.
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Summer is upon us and I know the one thing on everyone's minds: how can I look swimsuit ready?!
I have already been showing you how I lost 3% body fat (now up to 5%!) by beginning a weight lifting regimen. There is so much more to looking great in your swimwear than toning up, though! Your skin says a lot about your health, fitness level, and age! I have been worried about achieving an even skin-tone for the past year or so after I started noticing stretch marks. Enter Apothederm®: your new favorite product to reduce the appearance of stretch marks!

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I am actually embarrassed to admit (but I may not be alone) that I first got stretch marks in high school! It would have been wonderful if other ladies had opened up about their experience with stretch marks at a young age-- I might not have felt so uncomfortable about the skin blemishes! To me, stretch marks were reserved for older women who had either been pregnant or gained a significant amount of weight. It wasn't until I started witnessing my guy friends bulking up quickly for sports that I realized that stretch marks aren't just a woman problem, but also a man anddd a youth problem as well! The lines come from continuous force on your skin to extend itself from the current state. This means that weight gain OR muscle gain can cause the issue!

This high-tech skincare cream (that I have been using) with SmartPeptides™ help target problem areas on the skin that need some extra assistance in looking their best again. The truth is... most of us have or will have stretch marks at some point in our lives! However, we all like to keep that a little secret and let others think we don't suffer from stretch marks like everyone else. If you have found those little red lines (that eventually turn a pale beige) on your problem areas and felt hopeless, feel hopeful again! Apothederm® Stretch Mark Cream helps to reinforce your skin's natural structure by producing collagen to help lessen the occurrence of those horrible grooves caused by fluctuating weight!

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Common Questions Answered:
How do I use the cream? Apply the cream, as you would lotion, to the affected area. This can be done in the morning and evening. Use a circular motion around stretch marks, and be sure to let dry before putting clothes over the saturated area.

How does the product work? A mixture of the best natural emollients added to other power-packed ingredients that have been clinically tested to reduce appearance of stretch marks! These ingredients include: shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter, meadowfoam seed oil, licorice and algae abstract, heptapeptide-7, and a few other key components to nourish the skin.

How quickly does it work? Visible results will be seen within two weeks. For more noticeable outcomes, continue using the cream in the area for 6 weeks, or until desired result is achieved. 

What other benefits does the cream offer? A more even skin tone, smoother skin surface, firms skin surface, moisturizes, and prevention from future stretch marks.

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If you have anymore questions about the stretch mark cream or swimsuit season tips, feel free to email me or write in the comments below!



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  18. I'm in week 40 of my pregnancy with no stretch marks. I am on my 3rd order of dermelastic serum. They last me about a month each and I started using around week 24. I do not have a genetic history of stretch marks (Mom, Sister), but still wanted to make sure I took care of my growing stomach and prevented what I could. Seems to have worked!

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