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Happy Holiday week my USA friends! The 4th of July is a great way to get the community, the family, and the friends together and celebrate our independence! Although I am not a fan of fireworks (those poor dogs, and even worse, the veterans with PTSD!), I can get behind any day that brings people together for once. On a serious note, and I don't usually share politics on my blog, but I do think that the United States needs to reevaluate a lot of their standards!
After visiting Europe, I found myself feeling more inclined to their ways of life, environmentalism, and sense of "freedom". I think that one person, or even one group of persons, can't change that about America, but I do think that we can take small steps to do our part.  For instance, let's talk about saving the world: bring reusable bags to the grocery store, walk to places you need to get, turn off lights, use less water in the home. A small group of people do small things can make a huge difference for the USA!

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Spencer and I have spent the past few days moving our stuff to an apartment in downtown Salt Lake City. We are finally on our own! I don't talk about it much, but we had been renting from my parents for awhile. The discounted rent was helpful for us to get some footing underneath us. To be honest, our place is a bit small. We have decided to *still* keep some of our newlywed gifts in storage until we have a proper place to call our own. We want to save the beautiful casserole dishes, silverware, and linens for when we have a home to fill! That's okay, we are fortunate enough to have lots of the discount versions that will work perfectly until life is more settled. I will say, after packing up our place at my parent's house, I am asking that our friends and family never gift us anything again! Instead, we will ask for non-object gifts (such as help with dry-cleaning, or a grocery gift card, or Netflix for a month)! As we put things in boxes, and bagged huge amounts to be donated, I found myself disgusted with the amount of stuff we owned! Now that we are in our tiny apartment, we are going to have to go through and donate even more to make space!

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Besides the big move, I have made a change to my hair! I said bye-bye to the blonde. Being my golden twin was fun, but my hair turns orange and brassy quickly. With thick hair that grows fast, that is an expensive hair-do to keep up! I went to Mackenzie Guzzo, a color specialist, at Relik Salon in Orem to help with my hair needs. I asked to go back to my brunette roots, but with some added dimension to the color so that my hair didn't appear flat-toned. Check out the hair transformation below!

I love the way my hair has the natural color (we kept my roots), that way it will grow out without showing growth and requiring upkeep. I also love that my hair now has depth! Kenzie was knowledgeable about what I needed done an was able to achieve the look I wanted with just a small conversation and a few inspiration photos. Even better, she was able to do my hair in half the time that others usually take when coloring my hair! I was impressed to say the least. Now, my hair is happy and healthy again! (P.S. Kenzie is offering a discount to my readers. Scroll down on this post to find out how to redeem it)

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If you're looking for a good stylist in the Salt Lake Valley or Utah Valley, Kenzie is worth the drive! I love that conversation easily flowed as she worked on my tresses, and the end product was just what I was looking for. Want to go see her? Call 801-850-2829 to schedule an appointment. If you tell her I sent you, you will receive 15% off your style!



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    Sarah Lindner

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