DIY Mermaid Costume & Makeup Tutorial

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Being a culturally and socially appropriate Halloween character these days can be kind of tough! It seems like no matter what you choose, someone will get offended. In an effort to avoid such controversy, I went with one of the old school, classic Halloween costumes: a mermaid! Makenzie Peacock of Peacock Artistry, a makeup artist, came over and she showed me what I needed to do to achieve this look. Here is the breakdown of how you can achieve this simple, yet stunning, homemade mermaid costume!

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The Outfit

What you need:
  1. sweetheart neckline top with support (to carry some weight from seashells)
  2. seashells (found mine at the craft store in a large bag)
  3. hot glue gun

I went through my drawers and found this old shape wear that just happened to get died pink in the laundry for the top! All I had to do was line the edges of each seashell with hot glue, and place it on the cup of the top. Hold each shell for 5 seconds while drying, assess the attachment, and reapply glue if needed. I tried to plan out the shell placement a bit so that each side looked balanced.

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The Makeup

What you need:

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Step One

Apply your concealer and foundation as you typically do. Put bronzer (slightly) under cheekbones, along jawline, and on the forehead near hairline. Just above bronzer on cheekbones, apply highlighter, Also apply highlighter in an upside-down triangle shape in-between brows and on forehead. BLEND!

Step Two

Apply darkest pink eyeshadow across entire eyelid, but only halfway up. Go back in with a lighter pink and apply 2/3 of the way in from outer corner, all the way into inner corner of lid. Add highlighter or white eyeshadow under brows, following the brow-line. Liquid eyeliner should be applied only on the top lid following lash-line.

Step Three

Put mascara on natural lashes; let air dry. Apply false lashes. Fill in eyebrows!

Step Four

This is where the fun begins! Take the glitter glue and apply to the outer corners of your eyes. For an even better effect, create bigger dots with the glue, making sure to keep them symmetrical with the other side of your face. Apply pink shade of lipstick! For the dewey, wet look, apply highlighter primer to the middle of the forehead, cheekbones, and above the lip.

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