Olay 28 Day Skincare Challenge End Results

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I made it through 28 days completing the Olay Skincare Challenge! It isn't often that I can keep a routine up day in and day out for almost a month, but this was the type of challenge I wanted proof of, and my skin needed the rejuvenation! For twenty-eight days, I used Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 (only in the morning) and Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel in place of my regular moisturizer and eye gel. I am recapping my results, including before, middle, and after photos!

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About the Challenge

This photo was taken the first day I used the Olay products, and I consider it my before photo. Since I had just returned from New York Fashion Week, and my skin was having a panic attack with the different climates, I decided to start the challenge the day after my return. The Olay 28 Day Challenge consists of using the moisturizer and eye gel daily to see the healthy skin benefits that the two products provide. Those who take on the challenge can expect to see plumper skin with a more even skin tone and younger looking face!

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About the Products

Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 This is a creamy product with no added fragrance, that hydrates while also adding a moisture barrier. The product also has SPF to protect from harmful sun rays (most of you don't even think this about on a day-to-day basis)! The Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 is considered a 7-in-1 product because it: 1. replenishes moisture 2. evens skin tone and appearance 3. enhances brightness 4. visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles 5. minimizes the look of pores 6. restores firmness 7. visibly reduces dark spots. Holy, that is one outstanding skincare product! To be used on the entire face, and neck as needed, after cleansing, 15 minutes before going into the sun. (Available where Olay products are sold for $10.49 - $22.99)

Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel This excellent skincare product is used on the skin underneath your eyes to plump and hydrate, giving a refreshed look. The cooling formula contains peptides, pro-vitamin B5 and cucumber extract for the ultimate hydration to the delicate under-eye skin. To be used morning and night, on a cleansed face, under the eyes, on the corners of the eyes, and on the eyelids. (Available where Olay products are sold for $27.49)

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My Personal Results

I think that it is important to note that all the selfies in this blogpost are without makeup on, without retouching, and while using the product. At the halfway mark (shown in the update photo above), I was already feeling like my skin had been revived from all the traveling earlier in the month. I noticed a healthier complexion, less dark circles under my eyes, and felt hydrated, but not oily. It was easy to continue on with the challenge, because I could already see that the products did indeed work!

After the 28 days were over (which can be seen in the follow-up photo below), I found that I had a more even skin-tone, almost no bags under my eyes, plumper skin, and a refreshed look. I felt cared for and clean, which is the best way to feel when it comes to skincare. My ultimate goal, when considering beauty routines, is to feel confident and cute without makeup. Olay's products definitely helped me achieve this!

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Want to Join the Olay 28-Day Challenge?

I am so excited, and want you want to try the products, too! You will notice almost immediate results that will get continuously better over the course of forming this new daily skincare habit! I would suggest that you start by going to take Olay's skincare analysis. This will point you in the right direction as to what products will work best for YOU (95% of the women who took the Olay Skin Advisor agreed that the products suggested were right for them). Even better, the first 15 women to visit using this unique discount code will get $40 off their Olay purchase: 28DAYS8623

Be sure to post to social media using the hashtag #Olay28Day to join in with the community of other beauty junkies taking the challenge!

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