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Oh, so you thought that jumpsuits and overalls were soooo not in style this year? Well, the all-in-one outfits are here to stay and better than ever! I mean, since I consider pink a neutral and all, these pink overalls are vibing with my style.

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Pink Overalls (LOW IN STOCK) c/o ASOS | Dr. Marten Boots | Black Tee | Clear Glasses | Silk Bandana | Silver Bracelet (use code lauryncakes15 for 15% off entire order)

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In order to get away from the childish look that can happen when wearing overalls, I went for a more urban style, adding accessories to bring this outfit over the top! As you know from this post (and many others more recently), I love a good bandana neck tie! Don't have a necklace that suits the outfit? No problem! Add a scarf! It's a surefire way to bring in a third piece to your ensemble.

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Now, before you get angry that I am wearing fake glasses, you must know that I ACTUALLY WEAR GLASSES! Okay, I wear contacts. I own glasses. Here's the thing, my eyesight is in the negatives (I am nearsighted), and glasses are hard for me! If I am driving, I can't see out of my peripheral vision to see the side of my car. If I am walking down the stairs, I either have to trust that I know where the next step is and look out for people, or trust that people will look out for me and find the next step. Instead, I wear my handy, dandy contacts (that I got a prescription for back in 3rd grade) and wear clear lens glasses instead. I choose to use them as a fashion accessory, and if that offends you, please check your priorities over what you consider offensive behaviors. Glasses are definitely an addition to any outfit!

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What are your thoughts on the clear glasses trend?! Have you ever worn a pair?


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  1. These overalls are adorable! Love the pink!

  2. I LOVE these overalls on you! You styled them like no one else! Perfection!!

  3. Those boots look spectacular with the overalls!!!

  4. Love the color of these overalls! You've totally inspired me to pull mine out this week!

  5. Love the color of these cute overalls! You look fabulous.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  6. I'm a big lover of overalls! And I am loving these pink ones!! So cute!

  7. I am obsessed with overalls!! These are so cute! I think I need some pink overalls in my closet ASAP!

  8. I need some overalls in my life! They are too cute for words!

    April | www.thebluehydrangeas.com

  9. Killer overalls! I love the color.

    xo Laura Leigh

  10. I love love!! You look fabulous:)

    xoxo, Hannah

  11. These overalls are fabulous and I love how you styled them!

  12. You are rocking this look!! I absolutely love it!

  13. Love the pink overall! You looks great!!


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