How to Keep a Fitness Routine While Working Full-Time

You know the drill: it's the end of the day, you have just gotten home from work and all you can think about doing is settling in for the night. It's time for one of your weekly workouts, and you can't seem to muster the energy! We have all been there. Sometimes we are there every day! Here are a few tips to pump yourself up before exercising that I have found to work for me!

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1. Get some workout clothes that make you feel cute and confident. It sounds sooooo silly, but having workout clothes that fit you well and are right for your workout will make all the difference! No one wants to go to the gym and have to adjust their sports bra or pull up their ill-fitting leggings the whole time. Your fitness clothing should reflect your workout, and they should make you feel cute and confident in the process!

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2. Have a "pump up the jams" playlist. Le, duh! If you are feeling less than energized, turning on your favorite dance song can usually do the trick! Need some help? Here are some of my fave songs to get my blood pumping before a workout!

3. Schedule them two weeks in advance This tip is so important to me that I follow the rule religiously! Schedules fill up fast, and if you have something come up and have zero time, the first thing to go will be your workout. Do yourself a favor and schedule your workouts two weeks in advance in your planner or phone calendar. Once it's scheduled, you have to live by the rule of NOT CANCELING! 

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4. Workout with a friend Having a workout buddy is motivating in so many different ways! It creates a commitment with someone else that you will let down if you cancel, creates competition at the gym, and gives you confidence when you're not feeling your best. Personally, I use my husband Spencer as my workout buddy! We go to spin class twice a week together.

5. Take a pre-workout All right, so I am not a doctor or a professional athlete, so my advice is something that has worked for me, and you should consult your doctor before taking any type of supplements. However, I love taking pre-workouts! They keep me focused and help me reign in all my energy for powerful stamina! I just bought more of my favorite RuckPack pre-workout energy drinks because the strawberry flavor is only $5 for a box of 15! THAT IS A KILLER DEAL! Use the code Take20 for 20% off your purchase! Check out my post on Ruckpack for more info!

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What are some of the ways you stay committed to working out with a busy schedule?!



  1. Having cute workout clothes is a MUST for me! I love stuff with sassy sayings, like my "Just here for the savasana" yoga pants. Keeps me wanting to go to class and bring the sass. The suggestion to schedule, though, that's something I legit dind't think of! I joined a gym down the street from my work and keep gym stuff in my car but it never occured to me to WRITE IT IN MY PLANNER and go. Thanks for the tip!


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  3. This came at the perfect time because I am so in need of some motivation! Love the idea of planning in advance to hold yourself accountable.

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  4. this workout outfit is SO cute! these are great tips!


  5. You look so great, Lauryn. Hard work is definitely paying off!

  6. Definitely need this motivation! You have the cutest workout wear too!


  7. Such cute workout wear! Love the shoes. xo ~ Megan

  8. Yes!! These are great tips! I definitely struggle with keeping up with my fitness routine while balancing my full time job and blogging! This is so helpful!

  9. You look great! I love your leggings and those shoes!

  10. I needed to read this!! Thank you for motivating me! Saving this!


  11. Such great tips! & you look great girl!

    Jamaria |

  12. I am awful at sticking to a routine so I’m loving these tips!! Thank you!


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