How to Prepare Your House for Your Adopted Kitty

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Meet Teddy. He is a 5 year-old Bengal cat that we adopted from a family that couldn't keep him anymore. He has changed our lives so much! I used to consider myself a dog person, but after bringing him into our life, I can't say that I am biased to either species. I now point out any kitty I see hanging out in the window as we take walks in our neighborhood. Since Teddy had had two previous families that he lived with (multiple home transitions), we wanted his welcome in our place to be as smooth and comfortable for him as possible. Below you will find some of the tips we used to get by bringing a new kitty home with us!

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1. Keep something they are familiar with in your home. We kept a lot of things from Teddy's previous owners such as his litter box, transportation kennel, a blanket with their smell, some toys, and some of his treats. You want the cat to feel like he is in his comfort zone, and that will require familiarity.

2. Be prepared with the supplies you need, or go out that same day and get them. Cats will need food, dishes for food, a bed, some toys, a litter box, litter, and sometimes possibly more. In the case of our kitty, he requires a running kitty fountain (as he doesn't like still water and we can't leave the faucet on all day), daily meat treats, lots of toy mice, and some sweaters for the cold winter! You want to be prepared for this cat to live with you, and that requires amenities for them.

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3. Get a good litter. This is key to having a happy home and a happy cat. Cats prefer to remain clean and love clutter free private areas. We have found that if Teddy is frustrated about one of his "areas" (food, water, litter box) that he becomes very vocal and will not stop meowing until he deems it up to par. His litter box is one place he is particular about. Due to instincts, he buries his deposits deepsand loves to have a thick layer of the litter in his box. As his owners, we also love a well-kept area! We like litters that keep the smell to a minimum, clump for easy sifting, and are safe for our kitty. TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter uses the odor combating power of charcoal to keep a house smelling nice!

TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter, and all TIDY CATS products are sold at PetSmart, where shopping for Teddy is always an adventure. We love to take Teddy with us in the store because he gets to experience all of his options first hand! Whether it's the friendly pet-loving staff, the on-site grooming salon or Banfield veterinarian services, obedience training courses, or simply a new pet bed for Winter, PetSmart has it all. (Did you know? My family has taken all of our dogs to the PetsMart dog training courses? At the end, they take a photo with a graduation cap on!)

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4. Find your cat a spot in your home. Ever go to stay at someone else's house and feel out of place? Your kitty is going to feel like this the first few days (or even weeks) as they learn where they belong in the family. My kitty hid in the closet or under the bed for first three days and we could only coax him out for serious matters, like treats. Now, he is a cuddle bug and is sitting on my arm as I type this! It is so important to the well-being of your feline friend that they have a designated spot to relax that is just theirs. Teddy loves to be by our radiator for warmth, so we have placed his carrying kennel and a small bed (made out of one of our blankets) over by the heater for him to sit. He has made other places his "man cave" since then, but we knew he needed a dedicated part of our place! Be sure to let the cat come to you at first. They are independent creatures and they need to warm up to love. If you overwhelm them, they might become fearful.

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5. Positively reinforce good behavior. Kitties should be handled a lot like kiddies when it comes to teaching. They thrive off of positive attention! Never shame your kitty for accidents or mix ups. Chances are, he already is ashamed or won't understand anyway. Approach mistakes with kindness and understanding, and get to the root of the problem. Ask yourself, "what was the antecedent that caused this behavior?" Chances are it was something out of the cat's control, but something you can fix! Always give your kitty love when they ask for it, sometimes give treats when the kitty is following the correct household rules, and think about preventing bad behaviors by getting rid of excess energy or barriers in the way of the cat's basic needs.

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Do you have any tips that I missed for bringing a new pet into the home? Let me know in the comments below!

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