15 Affordable & Fun Date Ideas for Valentine's

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We have all been on the search for a fun yet cheap date at least once. With Valentine's Day coming up quickly, I decided to round-up a few affordable dates that Spencer and I have gone on the past 3.5 years of marriage! Feel free to leave a comment with another date that you and your partner enjoy that doesn't break the bank.

15 Affordable Date Night Ideas

$5 Movies on Tuesday  The movie theaters in Salt Lake Valley offer a discounted rate on Tuesdays, even for the special seating! We love to make a date out of the night by grabbing a quick bite to eat beforehand and buying a large popcorn while at the movies.

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Head to the Animal Shelter  One of Spencer and my first dates was going to the local shelter! Take the dogs for a walk or pet the kitties and you're sure to have a great time. If all goes well, you may even head home with a new friend!

Make a Playlist   The classic way to show love: a mixtape! We love to use Spotify or YouTube to make a collections of songs we enjoy listening to together. Remember to name is something clever!

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Thrift Shop Thrift shopping is one of my favorite past times because of all the treasures that can be found! Give yourselves a limit of $15 each and find a complete outfit for each other. Wear it around town for lots of giggles and inside jokes between the two of you.

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Go on a Hike  Hiking is one of my favorite ways to get a free date. Find a local hike catered to what you two love (scenic routes, city views, secret waterfalls) and get moving!

Take a Community Cooking Class  Another date night that you might be able to find on EventBrite! You can also look on Facebook events, or even ask your grocery store or kitchen store about it.

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Workout Together  Chances are that you already have some passes to a gym, and if you don't, check EventBrite for free local fitness events. Couples that sweat together, stay together!

Make a Time Capsule  Put a few items together in a sealed box that represent your relationship. If you're tech savvy and up for an adventure, you can geocache it!

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DIY Spa Night   Have you ever read my blogpost about a DIY detox bath? It is one of my most popular posts for good reason! Grab your partner and some items you surely have around the house and take a bath! Do hair masks, face masks, and hand masks. Give each other massages. Things are sure to get steamy!

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Bike Ride Again, getting active is a great way to bond with your partner! Spence and I found a couple recycled bikes that we had fixed up to ride around town. If you don't have access to buy a bike, most cities offer a bike rental service!

Binge Watch Netflix  This one should be obvious! Save some money by watching cult classic tv shows or new series all night long! Be sure to go get some treats for the long night in.

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Board Game Double Date  We collect games over here like they are going out of style. Invite another couple over for lite bites and board games!

Take the City Hop-on-Hop-off Bus  A lot of metro areas (including Salt Lake City) offer tour busses that are "hop-on-hop-off" meaning that you can exit the bus and get back on when it comes back around on the route! Most offer a pre-recorded audio that gives history about the city.

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Test Drive an Expensive Car  All right, so maybe not the easiest thing to do if you're shy, but if you don't mind talking to a cars salesman, drive on over to the closest car lot and ask to drive one of their cars. Preferably one outside of your price range :)

Create a Vision Board  A vision board is a collage of photos and words to help maintain focus on what your dreams are! Cut up old/used magazines and create a board for your dreams together.

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  1. Okay, this red jacket is fabulous!! Love this funky twist for V Day. Total style crush!

  2. So many good ideas! We need to start collecting board games, I love playing! Xx

  3. I love all of these ideas! I need to suggest these to my husband for Valentine's day.

    Megan | www.pipmegan.com

  4. Okay, I am totally crushin' on your outfit and these photos!! SO cute and perfect for Valentine's and I love your date ideas!

    cute & little

  5. These all sound like V-day plans my husband and I would love! We're not very traditional and don't really celebrate v-day much!


  6. You are killin it with this outfit!!! Babe!!! And thanks for the ideas, I'm like the man in my relationship so I need all the ideas I can get!! ;)

  7. I’m always up for a good Netflix binge! These are great ideas!

  8. I’m always looking for cheap dates and dates I can do at home because finding a babysitter is rough sometimes!

    I’m taking my girls on a date to the movies next Tuesday!

  9. These are some really cute date ideas. I love Netflix and chill and totally love the $5 movie date.

  10. These are all great ideas! And are very affordable!


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