I Tried A DNA Fitness Test and Here is What Happened

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I am sure you have heard about the DNA testing that is trending right now. Everyone and their dog are taking a swab or spit test to find out where their ancestry is from! There is a similiar in-depth test that claims to use your genes to figure out the best training and nutrition plan for you, and I wanted to check it out! My husband and I worked with FitnessGenes.com to get a complete picture of what the testing process would be like. Here is what a found:

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The Testing Process
This went down about the same as the typical at-home DNA test kit. Fitness Genes sends out a testing kit that comes straight to your mailbox. In the box you will find instructions, a vile for your saliva, and the solution to mix it with. After waiting 30 minutes to eat or drink, you spit up to a line on the vile (it doesn't take too much), close the cap to mix the solution, and put the box into the prepaid shipping bag to send back to the company.

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The Results
The results took about a month to get back. I was notified via the email address I provided that the results were ready and I was given a link that took me to my complete analysis on my profile. There was so much information given that it took awhile to read it all and break it down! My husband and I had very different results, which confirmed that the product was effective in identifying specific gene makeups.


The Breakdown
We were both given 41 different results that break down what version of each gene we carry. I love the fact that Fitness Genes said this, "as always, please keep in mind that almost no gene acts alone, and there are likely to be other significant genetic and environmental factors that contribute to physiological performance in each case." It is important to realize that although this is a good insight and tool to use to help understand our health needs, it cannot take a complete picture without knowing the details of our day-to-day lives. If I went into detail about every gene they studied, it would be one long blog post! The analysis went into my metabolism, my intolerances, the way I build muscle, the type of muscles I have, and the way my body processes things. Instead of going into depth, below are a few of the insights I received on my gene expression as it relates to my fitness:

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The analysis goes into depth about the right type of exercises for your body type. You can breakdown the exercises into beginner, intermediate, and advanced to see workout schedules catered to your abilities.

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The results gave a breakdown of the correct caloric intake and macros we should be having daily.

Lauryn's Nutrition Results
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Spencer's Nutrition Results
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The Big Takeaways
  • - I should be doing a mixture of cardio and weightlifting for optimal results. My body gets used to cardio quickly, so I need to incorporate HIIT workouts.
  • - I am a night owl! I already knew this, but the results let me know that working out in the early afternoon is best for my body.
  • - I need 48 hours recovery in between each workout targeting a specific area (legs, arms, etc.)
  • - I don't have lactose intolerance like I had imagined!
  • - I need to be careful with my blood pressure, as I have a tendency to get high blood pressure
  • - I actually have athletic genes! I knew that I could build muscle fast and I had endurance, but I was surprised at the sprinter genes. I think my foot injuries have made me a slow runner, but I am definitely good at sprinting on the bike.
  • - I have a lowered ability to deliver oxygen to my muscles. This is where breathing techniques and meditation could come in handy.
  • - I have a higher fight-or-flight system. I thought this may be true since I get panic attacks and have a high anxiety level.
  • - I metabolize caffeine quickly. This is particularly interesting since I have a daily caffeine intake and have also noticed it doesn't have as long or as big of an effect on me as it does on Spencer!
  • - I have a copy of the brown eye and a copy of the blue eye allele. My mom has blue eyes and my dad has green, so I figured just as much. Spencer has blue, so we hope to have some blue-eyed, brown-haired babies some day
  • - I need to be careful and remain active, as many of my genes suggested an inactive lifestyle could lead to obesity
  • - I have the middle-ground of metabolism. I carried an allele for both fast and slow.

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What to do Now
Now that we have had our DNA analyzed, Spencer and I can either use the results and information to develop our own fitness and nutrition plan, or we can pay Fitness Genes for plans! There are 4, 8, and 12 week plans available, catered to your DNA needs, and also customized to if we want to Get Fit, Lose Weight, Get Lean, or Build Muscle.

Would you try out the DNA fitness test? Do you believe the information would help you meet your health goals?



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