Benefits and and Tips of Working Out as a Couple with Reebok

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I have teamed up with Reebok and their Fast Flexweave shoes to bring you the benefits and tips to working out with your significant other.

The Benefits

1. Feel More Confident One thing that is guaranteed to lead to a better married life is feeling confident! When you are happy with the way you look, you're more likely to pay attention to your partner, and you'll definitely be better together ;)

2. More Time Spent Together Working out together ensures that you'll spend a few hours a week together without distractions. Before Spence and I worked out together, it was taking time away from our relationship. Now that we work out together, we spend at least 2 more hours a week together!

3. Deepens Emotional Connection You know how research says that mimicry creates a bond? This can happen while working out too! If you and your partner are walking, running, biking, or any of the ways you can move together, you are spiking an unconscious connection. This will translate into your day-to-day life as well.

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4. Synchronizes Your Life Similar to the benefit stated above, getting your fitness on with your partner allows you to synchronize. It keeps you on the same eating time frame, the circadian rhythms on pace, and aides the biological clocks in staying paired.

5. Have Less Fights You know when you're pissed and just need to get that energy out? Doing physical activity to get out negative feelings is healthy and guaranteed to lead to less fighting and tension! Leave your madness on the bike.

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The Tips

1. Commit to a day and time It will be so much easier  to stick to the workout routine and plan if you put your fitness date into your calendar. Even better, go the same days and times weekly!

2. Motivate with Killer Workout Gear When you feel like you're in a slump with your health routine, getting new clothes can be the pick-me-up trick! Spencer and I recently got the Reebok Fast Flexweave shoes to up our fitness game, and we are loving them! The shoes come in both male and female styles-- perfect to match your spouse at the gym! They are comfortable and good looking, fueling our workouts.  I have had so many people compliment the sleek design of them while wearing the shoes out and about, and Spencer loves how light they are! The Flexweave shoes allow us to preform well at the gym and still look good while running errands afterwards! We bought ours online and in store at DSW; you can buy your own at the DSW stores as well!

3. Support Each Other, but Don't Boss Each Other Obviously you want to push each other while at the gym, but make sure you aren't pretending to be their personal trainer. Too much control of your partner while they workout will lead to tension in the relationship. Spot them, yes. Cheer them on, yes. Tell them how to do it, no way. On the other hand, healthy competition will make any fitness routine better! Race each other, but be sure to be safe!

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4. Be Willing to Try New Things It should be no surprise that if you plan on working out with your other half, you will have to try new things. Eventually you will both find activities that you enjoy doing together, but until that balance is found, you have to be open to anything!

5. Save the Rest for the Bedroom No one else wants to see your PDA at the gym. A kiss in between sets, sure... but don't go making out on the floor!

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How do you workout with your significant other? Tell me in the comments below!



  1. Ugh I wish, I'm always trying to get hubs to workout with me but pretty much the only thing he likes to do is running, which is really hard to do now since I'm 6-mo pregnant :(

  2. Awe such a cute workout shoot! xo, Suzanne

  3. you two are seriously adorable! I do believe in workouts increase connections as well <3

  4. I think it's great for couples to workout! Hubby and I like to talk walks together. Great time to talk too!

  5. Great tips, and you two are super cute together! I used to work out with my hubby, but now with 4 kids things have changed, lol!

  6. This is such a cute post! I am loving these tips. It can be a little difficult with kiddos, but definitely want to try working out with my hubby every once in awhile!

    cute & little

  7. Great post. My hubby and I always love it when our schedules allow us to workout together. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I absolutely love this post! My fiancé and I totally love working out together on a regular basis. He works at a fitness center, so we get all the perks of their equipment and it's the best! And the benefits are seriously true! It's especially good for letting off steam!

  9. My husband always wants me to workout with him. SO cute. :)

  10. I'm definitely more of a "workout alone" kind of person but the few times I've gone out for a run with you boyfriend has been fun! These are great tips!

    xo Deborah
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  11. I do prefer to workout alone but I don't mind working out with a partner. I do like running or biking with one because it's more motivation to keep going!

  12. I totally agree that new workout gear is a total motivation to get yourself to workout!! It works for me! Loving your outfit and those photos are amazing!!

  13. this post is inspiring me to convince my bf to work out with me LOL we go to the gym together but work out separately. i think it'd be fun to try working out together tho!

  14. You guys are adorable!! I love how motivating it is to workout together.


    Lauren |

  15. Aww I love this! Being able to push each other is definitely a benefit!

  16. This is so cute! This is why sometimes I need a bf :) The new shoes from Reebok looks cool!
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  17. I have never worked out with my significant other but that's a great idea! I love your matching gear :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  18. This is great! I am not big into working out but think I'd really like it if I had my significant other motivating me!

  19. Love your workout outfit! I always buy myself new gear to motivate myself to go. Haha. I do orange theory so I don’t go with my Fiancé but I enjoy my time alone!

  20. I love working out with my husband! I definitely agree that you motivate each other, not to mention (for us) theres always a fun sense of competition!

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  21. Your blog is great. I read a lot of interesting things from it. Thank you very much for sharing. Hope you will update more news in the future.


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