5 Ways to Use Fashion Clothing Tape

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We have all been there before: in need of a quick outfit fix that requires little effort. I always realize I need something a bit extra to help my clothing lay correctly, right before I am heading out the door for an event that requires head to toe perfection. Enter Fearless Tape: a double sided tape for fashion a clothing!

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Fix a Hem  Even being 5'8" I run into hems that are just too long or get pulled out of place. Once I figured out that Fearless Tape could fix the issue without a seamstress, I started to use it all the time! Instead of getting out your needle and thread when in a rush to fix a hem, you can put the double-side fashion tape on the inside of the hem and stick it to your clothing. It will last all night until you can get your clothing sewn back in place. Similarly, if you have a dress or pants that drag while you walk, you can shorten the hem by folding the fabric under and adding the tape to the inside. Instant fashion hack!

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Go Braless  This is Fashion Tape 101: the side boob! As you can see from these beach photos, my People of Leisure dress shows some serious skin in the back. No bras allowed! In order to keep the dress in place and not show the girls, I added Fearless Tape at the shoulder lines of the dress. This kept it sitting correctly on my frame without accidentally opening up to show more than I wanted to!

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Anchor the End of Your Belt  I have tried so many different ways to make the end of my belt look good, but when the tail is too long (or too short) it can be a tough try! I've started adding the clothing tape to the end of my belt and sticking it to the other side of the belt. No more fashion belt faux pas.

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Close the Gap on Buttons  GAH, just thinking about this one makes me cringe.  If you have a bigger chest or wide shoulders (I am the latter) then you will understand the annoyance of having a gap in between the two buttons at the top of your shirt. It shows everything underneath! Secure the fabric and fill the hole by placing Fearless Tape in between!

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Keep a Slit in Place  Summer is the season of high slits in dresses and skirts, which also means it's time to keep those slits in place! To prevent showing to much leg when sitting down, place double-sided Fearless Tape on the inside of the skirt to keep it that material covering you up!W

What are some of the ways you use fashion tape in your style? Be sure to use the code LAURYN20 on Amazon for 20% off your purchase!



  1. So many good ideas for using fashion tape!! I need to use it more often!!

  2. I've never used fashion tape and that's cool there are so many uses. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome ways to use fashion tape! Such a fashion necessity! & I love your dress, so cute!

    cute & little

  4. These are really great ways to use fashion tape! I haven't thought of it for a hem! And using it to close the gap between the gap, I need to use it for that!

  5. I love fashion tape! It's so versatile!

  6. Great tips! Love your dress too!

  7. Yes! I use clothing tape both on my clients and on set, they come in handy and it basically fixes any fashion emergency you'll for sure run into :D


  8. These are great ideas for using fabric tape. I had never thought of a few of the five uses you mentioned.

    Ps. Stop by my new Link Party and share your latest style posts. It’s here:

    Xx, Nailil

  9. These are all such great tips. A for sure life saver, clothing tape :) xo, Suzanne

  10. wait I love all of these! I didnt even think about the gap with the buttons - brilliant!

  11. I use fashion tape all the time! They're great for those blouses that have a gaping chest hole between buttons!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  12. Love these ideas- I need to try the belt trick that is so smart!!
    xo Kimmie

  13. i never thought to use at the end of a belt - genius!

  14. these tricks are so great! perfect for summer too! love it x


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