Make Your Space Stretch: Design Tips and Tricks from California Closets and Marie Kondo

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More closet space is all we ask for, right? Storage space is often limited, especially if you are renters like my husband and I! In order to live in the city, we had to sacrifice living area at our place. This means a tiny closet and not a lot of room outside of said closet to keep our clothing organized. I recently consulted with California Closets to get ideas on how to keep everything we need organized in a tiny apartment!

Click the play button below to see an example of a full closet transformation!

How They Helped Me

I spoke with Jessica Ballesteros about my tiny apartment space with very little closet room. I mentioned to her that I am a fashion blogger and having enough area for my clothing was hard to come by, especially accessories! 

Her first piece of advice was to give the KonMari Method a chance. This means going through my closet and only keeping items that spark joy! Get rid of those that don't make me smile, feel good, or serve a purpose. The next technique was to incorporate the KonMari Method of folding to my items that are bulging out of their drawers! This involves letting every piece of clothing know that it is wanted, putting it away so that all items can be seen when the drawer is opened. If better, color coordinating the clothing so that items can be found faster and easier.

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Jessica's last bit of advice was to hang things! She mentioned getting hooks for all of my hats so that they could hang beautifully without causing a mess when I grabbed one on the go. She also mentioned hanging items in my closet according to length, then color. Keeping the longer items together and the shorter items together will serve to make the space feel more open. Check out the before and after images of our space from her advice!

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A Little Bit More Info Behind the Brand

California Closets offers a customized consultation to help with organization of your house. They have expertise in helping find the best way to make our house less cluttered and more about what matters! They do so much more than just closets... they also help arrange pantries, mud rooms, game rooms, media centers, you name it! Their purpose is to maximize the space you already have with more efficiency and order. Think of them as space enhancing magicians!

Once you speak to one of California Closet's professional design team members, they will help you by joining forces (with you!) to come up with the best possible solution for the budget,  style, and space. Even better, many of the locations offer seasonal promotions to help stretch the design budget a little further! Financing is also an option.

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Want to make your space stretch? Contact California Closets to schedule a consultation today!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. I love organizing, so this kind of post definitely "sparks joy" in my heart hehe. I appreciate how beautiful everything looks once it's neat and tidy, and there's so much more space when you've organized like this! It all turned out so great, girlfriend!

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