Cotton Saves the Day from Uncomfortable Moments

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Paia Inn on the Island of Maui, Island of Maui, Paia Inn

Picture this: you’re finally on your perfect summer vacation to a fabulous beach getaway in an exotic location. Everything is perfect except: the humidity is making your outfit feel like your burial clothes - hot, stifling, and all you can think about. What a great way to ruin your plans. Have you ever had a really uncomfortable outfit moment like that? If you’re like me, then nothing makes you turn grumpy faster than having an outfit that is truly uncomfortable! As the saying goes: “beauty suffers”, right? WRONG!

blonde girl in pink gingham dress, pink gingham dress, chicwish dress

The answer to a persistent problem is a simple and classic material that I have made a staple of my summer (and winter for that matter) wardrobe. Cotton! I naturally gravitate towards fashion items made with cotton because pieces made with cotton are breathable and not constraining. It’s the same for when I’m teaching school: I have to be able to move freely to chase down kids in the classroom!

woman reaching towards camera smiling, cotton, cotton fabric

I love how cotton always saves my work and play days from being uncomfortable. My closet is full of this reliable, easy to care for fabric! This pink gingham dress is the perfect summer style because of its sweet flare and feminine silhouette. Even better, it’s made primarily of cotton which means that, even on the hottest of days, I can be out in the sun or running errands without overheating in my outfit.

nena and co bag and cotton dress, nena and co, fabric of our lives

I wore this particular summer style from ChicWish to Paia, Hawaii. One thing is for sure: Paia gets a lot of sunlight in June, and with the humidity of Hawaii, I needed a breathable, comfortable cotton dress because they trap less heat than synthetic ones.

lauryn hock from lauryncakes spinning around, spinning photo, fashion blogger

Paia is a small town on the island of Maui that’s full of hippie style and eclectic character. It’s the perfect spot to capture photos in front of colorful storefronts, lines of surfboards, and pretty shoreline cafes. Paia Inn is once of those adorable places that you’ll want to stop by for a bite to eat or for a fun photo opp. Be sure to stay tuned for my Maui Travel Guide to get more details on all the must-see places.

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What's your go-to summer cotton outfit?



  1. This is an adorable summer dress! Perfect for this season and I think cotton is a great material for summer. Cute photos too!

  2. T shirt & Shorts for me.. as for my girl.. she's into Summer dresses as well she need to see this post.. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Summer is a hot season, in this hot season, you can wear more lovely clothes.

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  5. Cotton and linen are all I wear in the summer! I live in Washington, DC and the humidity here is out of control! I love that dress, by the way, so pretty!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. I live in cotton! You really can't beat quality made pieces, they last long, not to mention its a breathable fabric!

    Birdie Shoots

  7. Omg I LOVED Paia!! So fun! LOVE this dress on you babe.

  8. This is so cute! I love your dress!

  9. I love cotton! It saves me from rashes and more in the summertime! I love to wear sun dresses and pajamas made of cotton in the summer! Being a Diabetic, I have to be careful! I’ve never been to Hawaii (darn), but we live in hot humid Illinois and it gets stifling!


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