Maui, Hawaii: The Spirit Painter

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Have you ever wanted to know what colors and shapes represent you, your personality, and your soul? I am drawn to people's spirituality (note: when I talk about spirituality, it is different than religious affiliation) and the very things that make our souls different. Your spirit is is the energy that emanates from your being; anything, including material things, have spirits too! You don't have to be connected (consciously) to anything to permeate this energy, we are all born with it and it continues to evolve as we grow and learn.

How He Paints Your Spirit
I met Jonny, The Spirit Painter, in Paia, Maui, Hawaii on June 7th, 2018. While I believe that Jonny understands and gets a long well with everyone he meets, he had many things in common with me! We both went to high school in Southern California, later finding ourselves in Northern Utah, and we were both raised in the same religion. While these similarities are not required for Jonny to paint your spirit, they definitely helped him have a deeper grasp on what makes me, me.

When I asked him when he started seeing people "in colors and shapes" he said he realized in high school. Our energies are palpable, deeply rooted in the 7 Chakras (or energy centers) in our bodies. Each energy center has its own unique color based on where it stays in your being and what purpose it serves. Jonny has studied these colors, and because of his expert communication skills, understands how the shades represent your spirit. He spends 45 min to 1.5 hours asking you pertinent questions and listening. The experience itself is therapeutic; he guides you to connect with your subconscious.

What I Expected 
I was a bit worried, to be honest. I thought I might dislike my painting. There are a lot of personality traits and energies still developing (and some at odds) for me, and I was afraid the painting would reflect that in the worst way possible. I expected red, lots of red. Anyone that knows me understands that I am driven by passion: passion for what I love, passion for what I hate, passion for what I support. This is usually represented with the harsh colors of red and orange. While I know that I have good intentions in life, I sometimes feel like a "dark" or overpowering person. In all honesty, I wasn't knowledgable with the Chakra system or colors, but I had been familiar with the way colors are represented in the main stream media.

What I Received 
I went with the largest painting you can get. I wanted to be able to hang it on my wall and treasure it for years to come, and the biggest painting made the most sense. Spencer came with to the session, and Jonny asked if he would want to join in and we do a couples session. While Spencer was out of earshot, I said, "he isn't into this hippy-dippy stuff." Turns out I was wrong because about 5 minutes into the session, Spencer mentioned he would love to do this for himself. Lesson learned, don't speak for your partners! While Jonny didn't paint Spencer's spirit, it was helpful to have Spencer along because sometimes he could answer questions about me that I wasn't self-aware enough to respond to myself. He had the outsiders' perspective.

After an hour and a half, sitting on the Ho'okipa Beach talking, the painting was ready. The entire time the painting was faced opposite of me; I could not see it. Jonny does a reveal with all of his clients and allows them to see the entire painting, all at once. When he turned the painting towards me, I was in shock... "these are my colors," I thought. There weren't harsh colors on the wood, but instead the colors that I have been drawn to. Ask someone what my favorite color is and they will tell you purple. Ask me what my favorite color is and I will tell you pink. But the color that I am most drawn to (but don't necessarily wear or choose) is blue. My painting is filled with blue, and white, and pink, and purple. I felt seen!

What my Painting Means 
Blue = communication, honesty, leadership, sometimes a little bit of control or organization. Instead of being a dark blue, it came out as a light blue and Jonny said that there was a lot of "grace" to that. He said that the organization energy that I radiate came through in the shapes of the painting. He said the strokes of aqua represent my compassion and patience developing. We spoke about how I am impatient and I feel like sometimes I choose not to "baby" others because I do not want to take on their feelings. Empathy is draining to me, but according to my spirit painting, it is something I possess and need to continue developing.

White = God or goodliness in your life. He said that there was more "goodliness" to me and my mission than I understand. (WHAT!? That was interesting to me since I had expected more darkness in my painting, but it came through in a beautiful color). He said that it is a part of everything that I do, and once I start to realize that more, it will start to construct my mission.

Purple = spiritual. While I tend to feel like an outsider with organized religion, I gravitate towards spiritual people and events. I find myself at home around others that share the same idea of spirituality as I do; that it is something you carry with you and is found in nature, art, connection, and the way you treat everything around you. I don't call myself religious, but I would call myself spiritually connected.

The Benefits of Spirit Painting 

- self-awarness
- connection to others
- healing
- visibility of growth
- having fun
- inspiration

Who Should Have Their Spirit Painted 
Did you honestly think I wouldn't say everyone?! The cool thing about Jonny is that he can paint your spirit via a Skype call! You don't have to be in Maui (or Utah, as he travels here often) to get the experience. With the Skype paintings, the reveal is even more awesome, as he sends you the painting before you see it. When you open the painting package, it will be the first time you get to enjoy it. Another cool idea of how to use the experience: painting during healing. Jonny will do monthly calls with you and paint your spirit once a month. He is currently painting someone healing from addiction and says that each month shows tremendous growth through the change in color and shapes. One last way you can use the experience: as a family! Imagine having your entire family do the experience individually and having the paintings hung in your house like family portraits! Now THAT would be cool!

What are your thoughts on spirit painting? Would you ever try it?



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