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Olay Regenerist Whips SPF 25, Olay Regenerist, Olay Whips

Being fearless, for me, means always confident and on my game whether it’s a photo shoot poolside, or an evening event with the girls. For those who have been with Lauryncakes for a while now, you will know that being confident in my skin is a key part of my self-esteem. I get a lot of products sent my way and so I get to try lots of different things to include in my daily routine. I am going to clue you in on what I am using daily to help me feel fearless in my skin. Hint: it’s my moisturizer, my SPF and my primer, and surprise, they’re all one product.

Olay Regenerist Whip with SPF 25 (#FeelTheWhip) is my secret to complete, all-day skin protection. I have been using this 3 in 1 for the last year and it has earned its place in my daily skin care routine because it works overtime as a primer, moisturizer and SPF from morning to night, that means no more 3pm shine. The best part of this moisturizer is that it is called “Whips” for a reason: it goes on extremely easily without the icky, gooey feeling that you get with common sunscreens and other SPF moisturizers and it has a matte finish to keep me shine free. ** Please note: this is not an active sunscreen and is not waterproof **

Olay Whips, Olay Whips with SPF, best SPF moisturizers

It is really easy to include this product in your daily routine, so easy as a matter of fact, that my husband swears by it and he will only use Olay Whips now. When we ran out a few months ago he literally asked me if I had any more. If it’s easy enough for Spencer to use, it gets the stamp of approval for easy-to-include-in-your-daily-routine. Easy to use, and 3 benefits in 1 is this the unicorn of moisturizers? I would say: absolutely.

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Where can you pick up this unicorn of moisturizers? I order mine from Amazon so that I can keep it stocked without a trip to the store.

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  1. I've been seeing this everywhere! I really should give it a try!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Such a great idea to order from Amazon! I love Olay but haven't tried this product yet so I will definitely need to add this to my next Amazon list! -Tonya Tardiff

  3. I love Amazon! Need to try this out :)

  4. Love all things Olay! They have the best moisturizers!

  5. I use spf every morning, this moisturizer sounds just the perfect thing to have!

  6. I find myself relying on skincare products more than ever lately, good skin days are the best!

    Birdie Shoots

  7. i love olay whips! i use their spf moisturizer every morning. i love that it doesn't feel like sunscreen, and smells so delightful, all the while protecting my delicate skin! :)

  8. I love their products!! Such a great line, their skincare products are amazing!

    cute & little


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