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 One thing is for sure: when it comes to New York Fashion Week, bloggers, journalists, stylists, and editors are at the mercy of the PR agencies running the shows. Due to the PR agents doing such a fabulous job, their hard work often goes unnoticed. If you have ever been to a NYFW show, you may have seen a ton of people dressed in all black. While their generosity and inconspicuous manner may seem unassuming, they are most likely the ones working their butts off to make sure the runways go off without a hitch. Here are some of my top tips to play for keeps and continue to be invited back to Fashion Week year after year.

Be reliable 
The agent's number one job is to fill the seats at the runway show. They want you there! The official Fashion Week sponsored by Lexus has about 5 agencies who organize a handful of designer shows. They secure the venue, the time slot, and they invite people to go. If you are invited to go, feel special! Shows often don't have more than 200 people in attendance and this is a huge deal. Once you have RSVP'd, you have made a pretty strong commitment. If you show up late, or worse, no show, you are putting the agents in a bad spot. This causes them to work double time and scramble to fill your seat with another warm body. Emergencies happen, of course, but if you are caught in a pattern of not attending shows and not un-RSVPing yes, you will lose their trust. They will first start moving you back rows outside of the VIP area. If it continues to happen, you could potentially be "blacklisted". They just want their lives and shows to go as smoothly as possible, and having reliable guests helps them with that.

Be kind 
An obvious one, right?! WRONG. The fashion industry is filled with divas and sometimes they think only about number one. Shows run late, seats get moved, there are long lines. Take this as a chance to blend into the crowd instead of standing out. I have seen so-called "stars" and higher up bloggers yell or give attitude to the PR reps because they felt they deserved VIP treatment. The truth of the matter is, unless you are an A-list celeb, we're all on the same playing field. Make sure you are gracious!

Be professional 
I advocate for this one a lot in the blogging industry because it is still earning clout in the professional world. Nothing makes me more sad that when influencers, bloggers, and vloggers undermine the hard work that so many have paved the way for in this industry. Treat Fashion Week like a business trip (with a lot of perks). Show up on time, dress well,  be well mannered, and be well prepared. Oh, and go the extra mile and throw in some business cards while you're at it!

Be thankful 
See someone working the show? Thank them. It's a tireless and endless job during fashion weeks... many times it is thankless too! It'll go a long way if you are sure to show your gratefulness. Put yourself in their shoes: how would you want guests attending a party you are throwing to show their thankfulness?

Be outgoing 
This is not the time to clam up. Introduce yourself! Shake hands. Tell them your name, let them know your blog URL or Instagram handle. You only make as many friends as you are willing to put the effort in for.


Are you attending a Fashion Week this year? Do you have any tips to be invited back to shows? I would love to hear them in the comments below! 



  1. I've been to NYFW once and I'm not sure if/when I'll go back, but these are great tips and I'll have to remember them when I do!

  2. I went to NYFW last year in September and it was my first time. I got invited to several shows and it was a great experience. This year I got invited again to the same show I attended last year but I won't be attending to NYFW this year. These all are great tips and I will keep them in mind when I plan on it! 😊

  3. Such a great post girl! I love that you mentioned thanking the ones behind the scenes, that's so sweet!

    cute & little

  4. This is some seriously helpful advice! I've never been to NYFW, but I've heard both horror stories and amazing accounts, so I know to come back to this post for whenever I get the opportunity to attend!

  5. I love this! So important to remember all of these things. Being reliable is a big one for sure and so important!

  6. These are great tips!! I plan to go to my first fashion week in Feb 2019!

  7. These are some wonderful tips! I still want to go to NYFW!

  8. So many great tips!!! I have such a fomo!

  9. Such a good article! I'm bookmarking this for the next time I go! Being kind in any situation is number one in my book!


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