Why We Were Sleeping on The Floor

I was gifted this Tomorrow Sleep mattress in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. I only promote brands that I truly love and believe in! Thank you for the support! 

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Perhaps you have heard already about Spence and I moving to our new apartment, and all the challenges and excitement that comes with that. Let me tell you about how Spencer and I ended up sleeping on the floor for 3 days and how Tomorrow Sleep came to the rescue! 

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To set the scene for you, we were two days into our move and most of our stuff had been moved over and nothing had been unpacked yet. At this stage I was exhausted and just ready to for it to be over already! It was around 9:30pm and we were ready for the final trip to the new place and with it we would take the remaining items, including our kitty. We had already taken the bed over to the new place and set it up with all the sheets and blankets because we knew we would be tired after this last trip. We took the cat inside and discovered that we both had forgotten the cats litter box back at the driveway of the old apartment! We put some food out for the cat and jumped in the car to go get his litter box really quick. When we got home we discovered that the cat had peed on our previous mattress in the 15 minutes that he had been there without his litter box. After a lot of work, we could not get the mattress all the way cleaned and we had to part with it. 

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I knew getting another mattress was something that needed to be done fast, because we would have to sleep on the floor until it arrived. I researched what companies could ship a mattress quickly and we settled on Tomorrow

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Here are some of the benefits we have found from the Tomorrow Sleep mattress: 

☆ It only took 3 business days for our new mattress to arrive.

☆ It didn’t take very long for Spence and I to set up. (Hint: you just take it out of the box and open the plastic and it spreads itself out)

☆ You can choose your firmness level! We got medium-firm. This is about 6/10 in firmness (if 1 is not firm at all and 10 is too firm). Our old mattress was a newer memory foam one, but we realized after we got it that it was a little too firm for us and we had to add a mattress topper pad for extra softness. When our Tomorrow Mattress came Spence was really excited that it was the perfect balance of supportive and soft for him.

It's a hybrid mattress! It uses both foam and individual coils. There are 5 different layers to the mattress (including a cooling top for more comfortable sleeps). I hadn’t even considered this before it arrived but the new Tomorrow Mattress has a really comfortable sleep temperature because of the amount of airflow through the mattress.

☆ Other perks: Hypoallergenic, 365 in-home trial, 10-year Serta Simmons warranty, works with any base or bed frame

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I would definitely recommend TomorrowSleep.com to anyone who finds themselves in need of an easy set-up, quickly delivered, high quality mattress. Hurry and get $50 off your mattress! The offer is applied at checkout and only lasts through 8/13/2018.



  1. This is so great! I'm actually in the market for a new mattress because one of ours is so uncomfortable its not even funny! Thanks for your awesome review! This really helps! Btw I love your blog (new reader ;)

  2. Oh wow! This mattress sounds amazing! I think I remember you saying something about this happening with your poor cats + no litter box! I'm glad that the Tomorrow mattress was able to come to the rescue quickly!

  3. This sounds so dreamy! ;) Love that you can choose the firmness, and love how fast and convenient it is!

    cute & little

  4. I love that you can select the firmness of this mattress and that they ship so quickly! That is perfect for you cat + old mattress situation! I'll keep Tomorrow in mind for future mattress needs!

  5. we're about to get a new mattress, it's such a complex decision!

  6. I've never heard of this but I'm researching it now - I could use a new mattress!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. Y'all are just too cute! And this mattress looks so comfy! So cool it comes so small and in a box.


  8. Oh my gosh, I've been needing a new mattress and this one sounds great! I love that you can choose the firmness level! You two are darling

  9. They ship so quickly :o Thank you for sharing the post!!


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