What to Bring to New York Fashion Week Shows

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What to Bring to New York Fashion Week Shows, culottes and news boy cap, new york fashion week

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is upon us and I am oh so pumped! I will be in New York for the shows September 6 - September 11, so if you're heading there, be sure to let me know and we can meet up for lunch! This is my third year going and I am feeling more confident than ever. The first year Spencer and I went together and totally winged it; we had no idea what we were doing. I am no expert-- but I do feel like a veteran-- and I love to offer advice to any other bloggers heading to NYFW to give coverage! This time around, I want to tell you what you should bring to NYFW shows!

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Comfortable Clothing 
I cannot stress this enough: wear something that you feel confident in! NYC means a lot of walking, a lot of people, and a lot of summer heat. When you are on your way to shows, you are going to see a ton of street style photographers taking photos, and it is important you put forth your best self! Cotton fabric is my go-to during my time at New York Fashion week because I love the way it forms to my body, the breathability, and the durability. Cotton absorbs moisture, which is absolutely necessary in New York! You want your outfit to stand out in order to get attention of the street style photographers, but also make sure that you have confidence wearing your outfit too! The outfit is only half of it-- your assertiveness brings the other half! *cue Annie's "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" song*

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Backup Battery 
Let's be honest: you'll be on your phone a lot! From selfies, boomerangs with friends, behind the scenes backstage, and runway videos, your battery is going to need the extra boost. I have a phone case equipped with a battery pack that provides one full charge once my phone battery dies. My phone is newer and therefore stays charged for many hours. Still, I will most likely bring a charger with me in case both phone and battery pack die. NYFW requires long hours and you never know when you'll run out of charge!

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Tennis Shoes 
It's tempting to wear stilettos to the shows because you've seen the big-name influencers doing so... but don't! Most of them catch a ride right up to the entrance and don't have to walk very far on the New York sidewalks. If you absolutely feel that you must wear heels, wear your tennis until a block away, change into your heels, and throw the other shoes in a bag! Your feet will thank you.

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Business Cards 
Do you remember that time that I was told I could move forward a row at a show and ended up next to a popular magazine editor? Fashion blogger rule number 1: Always Be Prepared! You need to have your business cards ready to whip out of your adorable purse! You could be networking with potential partners, public relation experts, and other bloggers you can collaboration with. I always stress that blogging needs to be taken seriously, and nothing says "business savvy" like having professional contact cards.

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A Big Bag 
Let's go over some things you should carry with you: ID, debit card, comfy shoes, water bottle, phone charger/battery pack, possible change of clothes, mints-- honestly I could go on. Find a cute bag that also has functionality. A lot of the huge influencers carry tiny purses, but they also have assistants to carry the rest of their baggage while they head to shows. You need a bag.



  1. I didn't end up going this year but I will keep these tips in mind for next time! Thank you for these great tips! Hope you are having fun at Fashion Week❤️

  2. These are really great tips girl and that is so awesome that this is your third year going! Sounds so exciting.

    cute & little

  3. You've got some seriously creative NYFW style, girlfriend! I love those pants on you. I hope you've had a great time. I really want to go one day, and this post will definitely help me when I get the chance! :)

  4. These are fantastic tips, thanks for sharing. Everyone always wants to look so beautiful and trendy, but you’ve got to remember to wear comfortable shoes otherwise you are going to pay a hefty price!!

  5. yes to all of these - and snack bars!

  6. This is a great list! I've actually never been to NYFW, but tips like these are so helpful when you're not quite sure how to go about it!!

  7. Being comfortable and looking cute is key! Love that outfit, so super cute!

  8. oh yeah! you are so ready to rock the NYFW!!

  9. You look so stylish and this look has a touch of everything, the second to last photo is so beautiful
    Thank you for sharing
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    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Nice outfits and tips. Thanks for the photos

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